The Corona Diaries – Day 240

It’s been another productive day. I’ve been editing and writing, playing Nick Harper and getting a lot done.

It was gloomy today but I managed to fit in a walk this morning before the rain! That was good. The weather is cloudy but quite mild – good for a walk up my hill.

On the way up I wrote a poem. Can’t be bad!! I’ll publish it tomorrow and you can see what goes through my head while I am walking. I reckon the oxygen sparks the creative juices!!

Meanwhile, in Coronaland things are going on the same.

The USA is in meltdown!! Today saw another staggering 159,508 new cases and 1,583 deaths!! Just imagine if 1583 troops had been killed in Iraq what an outcry there would be. But Trump doesn’t seem at all bothered. He’s playing golf and having meltdowns – still stupidly tweeting about rigged elections despite the fact that all his false claims are being thrown out of court and none of his claims stand up to scrutiny.

The truth does not bother Trump. If it’s in his head it’s true!

He sacked His chief official checking the security of the election for saying that it was the most secure in history. You get sacked for telling the truth in the Trump administration!

Obama called it TRUTH DECAY – that America was being fed conspiracy theories and lies through the internet. He noted that misinformation was popular.

He’s right. It is undermining the whole fabric of society and that is dangerous – armed militia and fascist thugs could easily go on a rampage and Trump is inciting and encouraging. Very sad.

Here in the UK the numbers of new cases are going down a little to 20,051 – just a thousand but it is significant. Lockdown is beginning to work. However hospital admissions are up and deaths have soared to 598.

The government figures say that 53,000 have died but the government statistics department says there have been over 70,000 excess deaths!!

The truth decay works in the UK!!

In Brazil there were another 35,294 new cases with 685 deaths.

The populists are showing their ineptitude!! Vietnam and New Zealand continue to have no deaths at all and 5 and 3 new cases respectively. More power to them!! They are doing something right! It’s a shame our nincompoops don’t start looking at how they are managing it!!

Clearly our tiers are no working – all we are getting are tears!! So they are now looking at Tiers Plus. We’ll see!! Piss ups and breweries coming to mind.

Cronyism has reared its head – hundreds of millions wasted by putting contracts out to their chums without tender and putting incompetent Tory buddies in charge like Didi Harding!!

One guy pocketed £21 million for just arranging PPE (that did not work). Incredible!! What a joke!!

I hope there is a big accounting for all this. It’s corrupt and it stinks!!

The carrot they are dangling is Christmas!! In the fairyland of Tory Corona we can all meet up, have a jolly time, and forget about the balls-up they are making of everything!!

I think not!!

Stay safe everybody! Only a year to go!!

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