The Corona Diaries – Day 239

Today I spent a lot of the morning writing which meant that I did not get out for my daily walk until mid-afternoon. The days are drawing in. The sky was very overcast. It was dark very quickly. But it was warm and I had a fascinating walk.

Out in the fields the agricultural factory was in full swing. Last week the corn was cropped – and I heard it was all going to a massive biofuel unit. The fields were then ploughed yesterday. Today they were being disced and sown. It is amazing what a quick turn over takes place. This is nothing to do with nature. It’s a factory. No hand touches the soil. No hand touches the crop. No hand touches the seed. The whole operation is carried out by machine.

Just a hundred years ago it all would have been different. The fields would have been part of nature with hedges, ponds and trees. The work would have been done slowly by man and horse. The whole village helped with harvest.

Now it’s a factory!

I watched the sheep, picked a couple of wild apples and came home.

My music today has been Phil Ochs – a very underrated songwriter.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues. The covid cases in the USA continue to soar with a staggering 166,581 new cases yesterday and another 798 deaths but Trump doesn’t seem to care. He’s either out playing golf or rampaging about or sulking. He was trying to get the pentagon to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites before he leaves office – but sanity prevailed. His conspiracy theories and false claims are being systematically thrown out of court and shown to be unfounded or fictitious. The ranting about the Dominion machines was shown to be rubbish. He just lies.

In the meantime, people are dying in droves and he’s doing nothing about it.

Here in the UK the numbers are coming down a bit as lockdown starts to bite. We still had 21,363 cases yesterday with another 213 deaths and the department of statistics said there have been over 70,000 additional deaths due to covid (the government’s official figures are about 52,147. So they are about twenty thousand out – surprise surprise!!

New Zealand and Vietnam are still showing us up. They had 4 and 5 new cases respectively and no deaths. If they can do it why can’t we?? It’s all about competency, leadership and preparation – something Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro can’t understand.

They are talking about a relaxation fot Christmas. Who knows?

Another vaccine is coming on line but the propaganda from the antivaxxers put the future normality in question. We won’t achieve herd immunity if a number of people are conned by the idiots.

Stay safe everyone – the future looks hopeful! Next Spring maybe?

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