Poetry – Covid for Reg and Iris

Covid for Reg and Iris

I’ve been in isolation for ten weeks now.

It’s been a terrible time.

The wife, she’s had covid

And she’s hardly in her prime.

I struggled to look after her,

And then the wife’s father died

But we couldn’t attend the funeral

We had to stay inside.

I was worried that I’d get sick too

And then who’d look after us

But if you give in to worry

You’ll jump beneath a bus.

So we struggled on

And somehow we’ve got through

It’s left the wife real weak though

Hardly a ‘small flu’.

We’ve been scared and terrified

Without family support.

No-one to talk to,

And shopping to be bought.

Every time I stepped outside

I thought I’d catch the virus

And end up dying on my own

And then who’d look after Iris?

We do everything we’re told to

And are always washing hands.

There’s just one rule for us

Another for those who rule these lands.

But if they go spreading the disease

It’s not them’d die.

We’re the ones it’d do in

Iris and I.

Opher – 27.5.2020

The reality is that it is the poor and elderly who are at risk and who are not supported.

The vulnerable are expendable. They’ve had their life. Who cares?

Well, there are people who care – the volunteers who man the food banks, soup kitchens and deliver to the elderly.

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