The Corona Diaries – Day 234

The sun shone again so we decided on a visit to the sea and headed out to Filey, Filey is a little fishing village in a bay with cliffs all around. Very picturesque. Because we are in lockdown there was not many people around. We walked about, up and down, took a few photos and came home.

Having completed the first draft on my new book I’m now starting the redraft. It all takes time.

I’ve been playing some old Big Bill Broonzy records. Haven’t played them for years!! Good stuff.

Meanwhile, in Coronaland Trump is still in a sulk and refusing to concede and the Republicans are trying every dirty trick they can to overturn the result. They’ll fail. Biden won. Grow up and get used to it. Nobody likes a bad loser.

Meanwhile the fruit of Trump’s poor leadership is coming home to roost – another record 142,856 new cases with 1431 more deaths.

Just imagine if there were that many war casualties in a single day. There would be uproar. But there he is, ignoring it, pretending it will go away, offering quack remedies and encouraging people not to distance or wear masks.

Trump is a mass murderer!!! No doubt about it!! 242,000 deaths lie at his door!!! Most of those were preventable!!

Meanwhile in the UK we pass 50,000 deaths with the worst record in Europe!! We’re on a par with Trump and Bolsonaro as the worst in the world!!

UK – 22,950 new cases – 596 deaths yesterday!!!!

Brazil – 10,917 new cases and 231 new deaths

It’s official – we’re worse than Brazil. That’s bad!!

Vietnam – 26 new cases and no deaths.

New Zealand – 3 new cases and no deaths.

We’re a tragic mess!!

There is chaos in government – chief advisor Lee Cain resigns, Dominic Cummings is vacillating and disaster looms.

Brexit is on the horizon and there is an absolute mess. No deal with the EU, now that Trump has gone – no deal with the USA, no deal with Canada and chaos ahead.

Just what we need!! Turmoil, ineptitude, economic catastrophe, job losses, tariffs, lorry queues, covid-19 and Johnson floundering around like a headless chicken.

Stay safe everyone! Turbulence ahead!

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