USA – Clear Election Fraud! Clear evidence!!

I hate to admit it but Trump was right! There has been very clear electoral fraud in these elections (just like every other US election)!!

The Republican Party lacks all morality!!

  1. The media have consistently pumped out a string of lies – particularly Fox News. Right-wing propaganda sites have been pouring out scare-stories and false information. You cannot have a democratic election if the media pours out fake news and the President calls anybody calling the right new fake.
  2. The Republicans have made it extremely difficult for Democrat leaning sections of the community to register to vote. Many black voters are being deliberately disenfranchised.
  3. The Republicans have deliberately reduced the number of polling stations in Democrat leaning areas so that people have to travel a long way and line up for hours in order to vote.

It is immoral, unjust and disgusting. Republicans should be ashamed. They are practicing wide-spread fraud.

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