The Corona Diaries – Day 190

Today was quite bright at first, so I took my sore eye and thigh up the top of my hill quite early. I was wearing jeans and waterproof. It seems strange to think that just days ago I was still in shorts and a T-shirt. Those days are gone.

It is good to get out into the fresh air and nature. I have found it very revitalising. It has helped me stay sane in lockdown.

Needless to say, there was not much to see. Autumn is setting in. The vegetation is dying back. The roads are busy and nature is back in hiding. It was still good.

Back home I tried to get my BT internet going with another hour-long telephone complaint. Another engineer promised for tomorrow! Another manager call for next week.

I started work on my Harper book and played some Ray Charles.

Out in Coronaland it looks like Johnson is in trouble again. His own party are turning on him. They don’t like the way he, Cummings and his cronies are bypassing parliament. They don’t like the way he is handling covid-19. They don’t like his bumbling performances and incompetence. They can see he is beginning to be regarded as a buffoon. They don’t like the way they are slipping in the poles. They don’t like the general sloppiness. Johnson is beginning to be seen for what he is – a lazy, incompetent clown. He is a liability.

In an effort to keep them on board they are being promised a vote on the corona measures. It’s a climbdown that will only bring temporary reprise.

Everything is going to cock. The crowds are still out in the streets ignoring warnings. Few are being fined. 50% of the ones that are being fined are not paying up.

People are ignoring isolating when coming back from holiday or being informed of contact and there is no way of enforcing it.

Ever since the Cummings Barnard Castle fiasco people are ignoring them.

Meanwhile things are rapidly getting out of control with over 7000 new cases and deaths beginning to take off – 71 again! It is looking dire!!

Be in by 10.00 pm. You can’t catch it before!!

What a joke. They have no strategy.

Meanwhile in the States Biden has done well and Trump, increasingly desperate, shows his bullying side. The polls show a move to Biden. I reckon Trump’s bubbles burst. The latest news is that he is in debt to the tune of half a billion, can’t manage his finances and hasn’t paid taxes for ten years.

The lying conman is soon going to get his comeuppance one way or another. It is going to take a long time to undo the damage he has done!

You can’t undo the 122,000 deaths or hundreds of thousands of extremely ill people. There were another 36,847 cases today with another 918 deaths. The USA is becoming a basket case!

Brazil is not far behind – another 32,058 new cases and 863 deaths. I bet Bolsonaro is watching the US elections with consternation. He’s next in line.

Hopefully, the three incompetent clowns will all be kicked out soon!

Stay safe everyone! There’s a glimmer of hope!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 190

  1. Ah, BT incompetence. I had a somewhat similar experience a few years ago with TalkTalk:

    I suspect the pressure Johnson is now under over COVID is mainly due to tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of people – including me – e-mailing their MPs with “what the **** are you trying to do to us?” type messages. Once Brexit is done, Johnson will be toast. And if Brexit doesn’t get done, not only Johnson, but his whole party will go down. But that’s no solution; all the other parties are just as bad, or worse.

    Jeremy Hunt actually did condescend to reply to my COVID e-mail. Basically, boiler-plate. I’ll collect a few more days or weeks of COVID data before I respond.

    As to Trump, all politicians are masters at taking more out of the system than they put in. We’ll need to get to the full facts to find what’s really going on there.

    As you slogged up and down your hill in bad weather, I slogged out another 1,000 words about the Enlightenment, and the bad guy who destroyed it: Rousseau.

    1. That poem is very reminiscent. I’ve supposedly got an engineer coming tomorrow. We’ll see.
      Yes they’ll dump Boris as soon as he’s delivered them Brexit. He’s a liability. and they are callous. The sooner he’s gone the better. The only sad thing s that an election is still years away and they have a huge majority which they are abusing.
      Looking forward to the enlightenment. I don’t follow this thing with Rousseau though.

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