The Corona Diaries – Day 180

Even though it was a lot cooler and cloudy we managed a nice walk up my hill. There was an amazing sight. I heard a lot of loud cawing and looked behind me to find a whole group of hundreds of crows massing together, flying round in spirals, rising upward and cawing loudly. They rose high in the sky, drifted away and then disappeared. I’d never seen crows behave quite that way. Very interesting. Anybody know what that was about?

Nature is amazing.

Back home I started back on my Roy Harper book and played some Carl Perkins to get my blood flowing!

Outside in coronaland it’s becoming dire. The rate of new cases has risen to 4422 with 27 deaths. It’s on the up. The government has let it get out of control again. Sadiq Khan called them hapless. He’s right. They are useless. We are well past the level where we locked down last time and that was too late.

They are now talking about £1000 fines for those who break isolation and are talking about giving £500 relief to poor families who have to isolate. I wonder what hoops you have to jump through to get that?

It is obvious that a lot of things need to tighten up and work better if we are to regain control – the testing, tracking and tracing must surely be top of that list. Working from home, not meeting inside (pubs and restaurants) and avoiding public transport must be part of it.

They are talking about a 2-week lockdown to act as a circuit breaker.

What would be good would be if Johnson was to start giving us a daily explanation of thinking and action – to start to really put us in the picture. But the Tories would rather keep him out of sight because he keeps putting his foot in it. With Johnson and Rees-Mogg who needs enemies?

The sad truth is that with parliament not functioning properly, emergency conditions and an eighty seat majority this inept bunch of extremists are not accountable for anything they do on Covid or Brexit. They are literally getting away with murder!

Trump must be getting pretty desperate – still trailing badly in the polls and another 43,628 new cases and 672 deaths. Bolsonaro likewise, 33057 new cases and 735 deaths.

Populists are literally killing people!

It’s up to us! Stay safe!

12 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 180

  1. Opher, the huge fines are just avarice. The criminals can’t get away with taxing us as much as they would like to, so they try to make up the difference by picking on outliers – like any predator. See what happened to Piers Corbyn.

    And bringing in another national lockdown would not be serving the people, as they are supposed to. It’s merely George Orwell’s “boot stamping on a human face.” And… the “3-week lockdown” in March has lasted 6 months already.

    1. I’m stuck into my writing at the moment Neil. It’s flowing. I will read your covid report shortly when I need a break.
      I’d be interested to see how you might solve this. What I have seen is that if it was left to herd immunity we could be looking at 600,000 deaths.

  2. In the beginning of this thing, I heard a scientist say that the daily case rate must be about i per million population in order to do comprehensive tracing/identification/
    control of the virus. I also heard another expert say ten per million. But clearly higher numbers of cases make complete tracing impossible. That would make 67 0r maybe 670 cases per day for Great Britain.

    1. I think that the problem is that so many are asymptomatic. But we need to check key personnel regularly and get results back quickly for all suspected cases and that is not happening.

  3. Hey Opher, how’s it going?

    I’ve never seen gathering Crows, or any flocks, move in that way before – not even the murmuration of Starlings are like that – it sounds quite a sight. I too would wonder at its significance, but then I’m superstitious. Is it fortuitous or portentous?

    Totally agree with you about the need for transparency in government, especially in their shambolic response to C-19. BoJo is a liability to the Tories (and the U.K) – his end is nigh – but live daily briefings are a good idea at this time. Trouble is, would the government tell the truth?

    Lost control of C-19.? I’m not sure the government has ever been effectively ahead of the curve! I wonder what state of preparedness the U.K is really at in order to deal with a second-wave, and what are expected number of cases and likely deaths? They must have done the modelling.

    If circuit breakers and/or localised lock-down’s don’t work and we end up having a national lock-down – that might last over Christmas and New Year – how will it affect Brexit on Jan 1st?

    I think Cobra meetings should be reconvened, with Sturgeon, Drakesford, and Starmer attending…BoJo needs agreement and steerage.

    The U.S election is warming up nicely and most polls indicate the Democrats have a points lead. The race for the W.H will be (mainly) a virtual spectacle this year but with very real consequences for the world should Trump win another term…none of them good. I get the sense the U.S electorate have largely had enough of populism and right-wing ideology. What do you make of this new order he’s signed for ‘patriotic education’?

    A full, independent, public inquiry into BoJo’s pandemic response cannot come soon enough.

    Catch ya later. Enjoy Day 181,


    1. Hi Dewin,
      I don’t think that Johnson is capable of the kind of leadership required, and neither are any of his henchmen, but the country is crying out for someone who will stand up and explain what is happening, what they are planning, what the risks are and why we are doing it – straight – without propaganda. A big ask of these morons. Yes, they will (and are) lie.
      This is surely the time for a cross-party group to unify the country and the message – but then, so was Brexit. Look what’s happened with that.

      I hope you are right about the States. I think populism has had its day but I wouldn’t put it past Trump to ramp up the fear and hate and sneak it. Biden is a weak character.
      As for that patriotic education – it’s right-wing indoctrination plain and simple. This is election year. His base will love it.
      Patriotism has no place in my world. I want a global approach and all people valued. Patriotism stinks of nationalism to me. So partisan and limited. One world, one people. It’s time all countries faced up to the wrongs they have and are committing.

      1. As if by magic Vallance and Whitty took to the stand this morning and presented (without politicization or using the term world-beating) alarming warnings about the potential for a substantial increase in Covid-19 deaths and cases. The message was loud and clear: without sustained effort and compliance by the public to abide by rules and restrictions already in place to mitigate C-19, and without an effective Test, Track, Trace system (not world-beating, just functional and effective!), the possibility of excessive case-numbers and higher death rates is very real. What the televised event didn’t include was an indication of the U.K’s current state of preparedness and ability to address this worst case scenario over the next few months. Clarity on government’s planning, thinking, and reasoning would help a little to restore public trust that they do actually have a plan to guide the U.K through the next 6-9 months. Personally, I think we are in for a very rough ride.

        Pleased to read that BoJo will at long last be speaking to leaders of devolved nations today for the first time in months, and that Cobra will reconvene tomorrow. There is speculation that further restrictive measures will come in to force following the meeting. Cross-Party agreement is essential to decisions being made: lives and livelihoods depend on the U.K having a unified approach. Given the record of government incompetence in responding to C-19, BoJo would be very foolish not to listen to advice. His leadership, his statesmanship, thus far have been dire.

        I hope I’m right on the result of the U.S election! Of course Trump will do his damnedest to retain power by using every decisive means he has and will play dirty to achieve that outcome, but the world cannot afford to let him win: he is toxic and poses an existential threat to lives and livelihoods and to the well-being of the planet.

        Whatever the government does do, they need to be swift in their action. One major lesson learnt from the first wave was that government delaying any decisive, effective action caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people. That cannot happen again: negligence and complacency will not be acceptable.

        Catch ya later,


      2. I fear they are dithering again Dewin. Boris is hapless. Without good leadership we are going to flounder. It doesn’t give much hope for any sort of Brexit deal, does it? With these clowns in charge………………..

      3. Do you ever get the feeling the U.S election is pivotal to U.K government policy? That without a Trump victory, the U.K government are essentially screwed, and have no road-map whatsoever leading us through the pandemic and towards the sunny uplands of a no-deal Brexit.

        I am also very concerned as to the wider exploitation of the Coronavirus Act, which gives additional powers to the Tory government. They are abusing the power already, I dread to think of what comes next. A blitzkrieg on pubs and restaurants is only the potential starting point for giving more powers to the police, combined with further erosion of human rights.


      4. I think I can detect a shift in the zeitgeist. The public is beginning to see through the incompetence of Trump and Johnson. The two are intrinsically linked. If Trump goes Johnson will follow. The tide is turning.
        This government is morally corrupt. It is not just there, it is everywhere – boundaries, BBC, propaganda.

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