The Corona Diaries – Day 179

Another fabulous day in Yorkshire. We got our flu jabs and went for a walk on the wolds – down Holm Dale, up Horse Dale, to the pub at Huggate! Have a pint and a baguette and walked back!


Back home I started on my Roy Harper book and felt like a bit of Paul Simon to chill me out!

So here we are – back in the second wave of Coronavirus – as if we could not see that coming! Perhaps Johnson is regretting telling people to get back to work in their offices and on the public transport? Perhaps eating inside and drinking inside was not a good idea – particularly when the weather was nice enough for outside? Perhaps he should have sacked Cummings? Perhaps he shouldn’t have said it’ll be all over by Christmas and sent out wrong messages?

Perhaps he should have said he’s got some oven-ready coffins and a world-beating plan to do worse than anybody else?

Perhaps operation moonshot should be to fire him off into outer space??

It’s a mess! Another 4322 new cases – far higher than when we locked down.

Another 27 deaths – steadily up – and lagging a few weeks behind the hospital cases (which are rising quickly).

We’ve had 600 health workers dead so far. They are putting themselves on the line and can’t even get a lousy pay rise! While Johnson is complaining that he can’t manage on what he’s pulling in! I wish he’d try and live on a nurse’s pay!

Once again they are dithering and leaving it too late. They should have taken measures quickly days ago. No inside eating/drinking. Work from home. Avoid public transport.


It’s not moon rocket science.

Meanwhile in the States Trump is getting desperate as Biden continues to enjoy a substantial lead. The death of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to be a major fight. The Republicans, who opposed Obama putting a judge in, now seem fine in trying to steamroller a conservative judge in. Hypocrisy???

Olivia Troye a previous member of the covid taskforce, attacks Trump and claims that he called his own supporters ‘Disgusting people he no longer had to shake hands with’.

Trump claims that a vaccine will be available by November. Biden says listen to the scientists not Trump.

I reckon I’d listen to the scientists.

The mud is being slung.

The virus is on the increase – 47136 new cases and another 946 deaths. It’ll soon be 130,000 deaths!

In Brazil Bolsonaro is pissed off – only 39797 new cases and 858 deaths – so he’s having the amazon rainforest burnt down! That should distract everyone – seeing animals being fried!

Anyway, enough! Stay safe!

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