15 thoughts on “Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters

      1. On par with Hillery’s degenerate condemnation of Trump supporters. The election centers upon electing Trump as President, and not about the American people who favor the re-election of a Great President.

      2. Under Trump: the recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. US recognition of the Golan Heights. US recognition of Samaria! Wow Israelis hold the President in the highest esteem.

  1. The second American civil war has started….Trumpist pigs fired opening shots….Trump will use every trick he can muister to stay in office…if voted out, he MUST go…America will never recover from the last four years….

      1. There is real madness. The good thing is that the tide seems to have turned on Trump. I think he’ll go! Whether that will unleash a great wave of violence and madness remains to be seen. Ironically Trump has greatly accelerated the decline of America.

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