The Corona Diaries – Day 172

I wonder if Cummings is having a laugh? Getting Johnson to come out with the most stupid things? Our current testing system (with a capacity to test a mere 10,000 a day) is failing.

Instead of being ashamed Cummings is proposing to up the testing to ‘millions a day’! Wow!! And the results to be given in minutes!! How astonishing!! And the cost is a mere £110 billion!! Amazing what we can find when we want to!!

He is having a joke isn’t he?

The catch is (as the name gave it away) that you are not required to travel to Inverness (as with current testing) but you have to pop off to the moon which might restrict numbers a little. But what a jolly wheeze!!

For once LUNACY is the most appropriate word. If Billy Bunter pulls this one off, (with his track record) it will be nothing short of miraculous.

Meanwhile, Mark Walport from the SAGE group is also having a joke. He is saying that the government is losing control of the virus!! Ho Ho Ho!! As if these clowns were ever in control.

We have findings, contrary to government assurances, that kids transmit the virus as much as adults. There was a £10,000 fine given to a 19-year-old for holding a party for 50 people. There are raves, full pubs and big gatherings. The government allows horse racing with crowds. Inconsistent? No – there is a consistency – complete consistency on ineptitude!!

They are betting on a vaccine – putting in orders for tens of millions of doses from anyone who offers one. I’m converting my bedroom into a lab. I’ll write to them tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll send a few billion my way!

The good news is that the Oxford vaccine trial is back on. Fingers crossed! Roll on January.

So today I walked up my hill in beautiful autumn sunshine. Read a friends book and kicked back as the last of this extraordinary year trickles through my fingers.

I’m going to pour a glass or two of red!!

Stay safe everyone and get your rockets primed!! Ho Ho!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 172

  1. Opher, your mirth is directed at the right targets, but for the wrong reasons. Today, I looked in detail at the stats on deaths per case (for about 60 countries! ouch), and the UK, recently, is one of the best of all. Consider these stats:

    UK deaths per case in March: 6.9%.
    April: 17.5%
    May: 13.0%
    June: 10.1%
    July: 4.4%
    August: 1.0%
    September so far: 0.5%.

    That suggests that herd immunity may well be kicking in. Get it wrong early, and you may (inadvertently) get it right later! And yet, they are cracking down on us, with the maximum size group being reduced to 6 from Monday.

    And the £10,000 fine for a 19-year-old that you talk about (I haven’t verified it) is typical of a ruling class that has lost contact with reality. I have, however, looked at their similar fine against Piers Corbyn. He invited some idiots to speak at his rally, I’ll grant you. But the response was completely over the top. I had a 10-minute chat with Piers once, and we got on OK; though I thought he was a bit too sure of himself.

    Watch out for another article in a few days. Hopefully wattsupwiththat will publish it.

    1. Lol Neil – I think you forget the delay. The lockdown solved the problem but as soon as it was lifted the rate is going up. The hospital rate rises later, then the deaths. I do not think enough people have had it to have any herd immunity effect. You can see that from the steepness of the curve. Neither do I think the virus is any less lethal. Looking at other countries, we are following the same pattern. Hospital rates are already rising. Expect deaths in a couple more weeks.
      Mind you if prats continue to ignore the law and hold mass gatherings I reckon they deserve what they get.
      Looking forward to your new article Neil.

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