The Corona Diaries – Day 157

Today is a cold, rainy dismal day. This is still August. We have all of winter to get through and this is a taster. Tomorrow may be sunny again but we know that whatever the next couple of months holds, throughout November, December, January, February and March we are going to have a lot of wet, cold weather. Walks are not going to be the pleasant jaunts they have been these last four months. There will not be the chance of meeting up with friends and family outside.

There does not appear to be much chance of getting a vaccine before winter. I think that psychologically our lockdown will feel much more claustrophobic and our isolation much more extreme.

I ask myself how we can get back to some semblance of normality, how we can feel secure going shopping or meeting up inside with family and friends? Right now with the rate going up – up to 1522 new cases yesterday – I do not feel confident of not going down with the disease.

I think if we had a government that was on the ball – as with Scotland, Germany and New Zealand, I would feel safe to have a normal life. That means have a good Track and Trace system in place coupled with accurate information about the level of infection in my area. I do not think we have that.

The Government constantly puts people in positions of power (like Dido Harris) based on their Brexiteering credentials and loyalty – not their competence. They keep giving out contracts to their chums instead of putting them out to tender.

Consequently, we do not have a Track and Trace system that is effective enough, we waste millions on substandard equipment, we have no Track and Trace App and nobody is on top of anything.

Everything the government is doing smacks of panic and incompetence. The examinations fiasco to the sacking of civil servants. It stinks.

They give out directives without any direction – such as with the back to school moral duty.

Everything fills me with foreboding. They do not seem to have a handle on anything.

What I want is a leader who gives clear, concise instructions and information.

I want clear, up to the minute, local information in order to give me an idea of risk.

I want a Track and Trace system in place that is capable of finding all infected people – including asymptomatic cases and contacting all contacts so that they can be isolating and are not spreading the disease.

I would like a phone app that tells me if I have been close to anybody who has the disease.

I want tests at airports to check for people bringing the virus back in.

At present we have none of that. All we get is cheerleading, snappy little slogans, panic and dithering. Johnson blusters his way around, gives no concrete guidance, then disappears, while Cummings is busy knifing civil servants and shifting the blame elsewhere. I don’t trust him an inch. He does whatever he wants in order to win – lying, cheating and throwing colleagues under the bus. Competence is not a factor. It’s all about Brexit and loyalty. Hence – a mess.

You can see this from the figures. The number of excess deaths since lockdown now exceeds 63,000. the number of death certificates mentioning Covid are 57,200, yet we have ‘official’ Cummings-approved figures of 41,477.

I don’t believe them.

We’re heading for the perfect storm – a winter second wave of Covid, a seasonal flu epidemic and Brexit.

The furloughing is ending and the redundancies are already mounting. When a no-deal Brexit hits in January the economy will take a further hit.

It looks to me that we’re in for a long bleak winter!

Could be worse I suppose. The hospital deaths are down and patient numbers are down. The NHS seems to be doing a great job despite all the Tory cuts.

The other side of the pond is interesting. Trump and Bolsonaro continue to joust as to who is the most inept and deplorable.

The US is rioting again following the absurd shooting of Jacob Blake. Instead of attempting to pacify the divisions Trump is pouring fuel on it. He has not said a word against the shooting but is threatening the demonstrators again. It seems that it is alright to shoot an unarmed black man in the back seven times and go around threatening people with guns – like seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse – a Trump-supporting kid, now accused of murder, who thinks it’s alright for armed militia to roam the streets shooting protestors. The police are doing a good job. He’s the friend of all black people, all women and law and order. The fact that he’s presiding over a country on the brink of civil war is immaterial.

The USA has another 43,814 new cases and 1118 deaths. Brazil beats the USA in new cases with 44,235 cases yesterday but comes second with only 984 new deaths. The question remains as to which of them will come out top as the most deplorable.

Of course, their supporters still think they are great!

Stay safe everyone! The world is in chaos but always remember – the vast majority of people are absolutely great! Don’t let the mean ones spoil your life!

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