The Corona Diaries – Day 155

The squirming and blame-shifting is starting up big time. The absolute chaos with the A-Level results you would think that the people in charge, the ones who oversaw it, who gave the instructions, should take responsibility. Seemingly not.

Gavin Williamson is innocent!

Boris Johnson is innocent!

It was a mutant algorithm! Nothing to do with those in charge! (What is a mutant algorithm?).

So Johnson and Williamson are exonerated! Sally Collier, from Ofqual, is thrown under the bus. Then Dominic Cummings sees a way to turn it to his advantage and have another go at dismantling the Civil Service and Top Education Civil Servant Jonathan Slater is chucked off the back of the careering train.

That’s sorted then. No incompetence in government – nothing to do with their orders or oversight – it’s those blooming civil servants and quangos.

The U-turn over facemasks is down to better scientific advice.

Great stuff – Now – I wonder who they are going to find was responsible for all those Covid-19 deaths? And who was responsible for having the worst hit economy in the G7? I’m sure we’ll find out before too long!

Meanwhile, over in the States, Trumpo is getting desperate. He’s now pushing the plasma therapy as a wonder treatment and panacea. Helpful it might be – a cure it is not. Like all the other untested drug treatments he’s been lauding (quite apart from the bleach and UV) he’s clutching at straws. The job losses are kicking in and the economy is shot (despite the feds artificially pumping in money). Trumpo is pushing for the vaccine to be available prior to the election – safe or not!

In the three-way race for the world’s most incompetent leader in the Covid-19 pandemic, Johnson is out in front with the most deaths per million – but there is plenty of time for Trump and Bolsonaro to overtake and become the world leader. Today Bolsonaro edged ahead again 47,134 new cases and 1,271 deaths. Trump was in the lead yesterday but has just slipped behind – just another 1,136 new cases and 1,271 deaths.

I’m sure Trumpo will exert himself (once he comes off the golf course) and exhort his followers to stop social distancing, handwashing and wearing facemasks because that’s a Deep State plot. He’ll soon get those stats back up!

Johnson seems to have petulantly dropped out of the game. He’s stopping the release of stats so we don’t know where we are! (Always worrying when leaders stop the release of information – makes me think that something stinks). He’s also massaged the figures. They’ve come down a lot because ‘we’ve been measuring them wrong’. Come on Johnson, this is no way to get to be world-beating! Get those figures up! – What? You are? You’re sending the kids back to school without a possibility of safety measures? That should do it!

Meanwhile, here in Yorkshire, today is as gloomy as the Brexit outcomes. But at least it’s not raining and I was able to get out and do my 10K walk. I haven’t got Covid yet – so all is well!

I’ve been doing some writing, playing the Byrds and generally doing OK.

You stay safe too!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 155

  1. Hey Opher,

    Ever happy to throw Civil Servants, or indeed anyone, under a bus to keep scrutiny from the Tory government’s door, it is inevitable other scapegoats will follow in due course. Weasel F-grade Williamson gets to keep his job. Ministerial accountability is dead and the shambolic government shameless. My guess is that Williamson, an ex-chief Whip, knows far too much to be let-go of, and then let-loose with the press.

    Mutant algorithm. FFS! On 13th August BoJo said, “Let’s be in no doubt about it, the exam results we’ve got today are robust, they’re good and dependable for employers…” On 17th August the government made its 11th U-turn allowing students to receive teacher assessed grades. Today BoJo – attending a school without wearing PPE – said, “I’m afraid your grades were almost derailed by a mutant algorithm….” What are mutant algorithms? BoJo, Cummings, Williamson.

    ‘I wonder who they are going to find was responsible for all those Covid-19 deaths? – the scientists, the WHO, Care Homes, NHS Trusts executives, the public: anyone but themselves. And of course, the Great Brexit balls-up will be blamed on the EU.

    As an aside, couldn’t resist mentioning, I see Tony Abbott, ex-Australian Prime Minister, 2013 to 2015 – is to be appointed as the Tory U.K Trade Envoy. The shadow trade secretary, Emily Thornberry, is quoted as saying (1), “On a personal level, I am disgusted that Boris Johnson thinks this offensive, leering, cantankerous, climate change-denying, Trump-worshipping misogynist is the right person to represent our country overseas.” I’ll let you draw your own conclusions! No doubt he’ll fit right in.

    Have a pleasant evening. Stay safe and well,


    (1) –

    1. You are right Dewin – the blame will be on everybody but them. They are laying the groundwork. But I reckon Johnson’s days are numbered. He’s a lazy chancer and people are waking up to it. The Tories are renowned for their callous ways. They’ll dump him. Good riddance.
      These appointments show where their heads are at. Anyone who gives a mindless creep like Tony Abbott any creedence is a jerk. Tony Abbott is an abomination.
      But they are digging themselves in a hole. The more extreme they get the harder they will fall!

      1. Indeed! Including Sally Collierfour, and Jonathan Slater, a total of six senior Civil Servants have ‘departed’ Whitehall this year, but no Tory ministers have been sacked for the part they’ve played in government failures or scandals. It is outrageous!

        Should BoJo be dumped, (‘retired’ on health-grounds to the House of Lords) I’m quite certain the public will not miss the mendacious clown. Knives are undoubtedly being sharpened as we write, but I don’t envisage him going until at least Spring 2021: no replacement will want to take the red-hot-seat with Brexit still to be delivered and the fall-out destroying lives and livelihoods.

        ‘But they are digging themselves in a hole’ – but they, and their friends and donors, will undoubtedly make millions from doing so whilst dragging the vast majority further into the gutter.

        ‘The more extreme they get the harder they will fall!’ – a nice thought, but by what mechanism will they be held accountable?

        To put a smile on your dial, an amusing piece regarding BoJo’s school visit today and the book titles appearing on the shelves behind his pedestal…


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