Poetry – Slowly Fading

Slowly Fading


Summer is slowly fading.

The yellow August sun

Painting fields in gold.

The green giving way

To a multitude of colour,

On its way to brown.

Summer segues to autumn

As days shorten

And warmth drains

From the air.

Will will tear

The multi-coloured leaves

From branches,

Leaving skeletal trees

For Winter to hang

With tears and ice.

Another summer slowly unloads

Electricity from its battery.

Preparing for hibernation

And the long wait

To awaken once again.


Opher – 19.8.2020

2 thoughts on “Poetry – Slowly Fading

  1. Morning Opher,

    Officially, in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer ends on Tuesday 22 September (how precise is that!), so there’s time-a-aplenty for a late summer blooming before the plethora of gods and goddesses of autumn and winter descend.

    Thus far, its a warm, windless sunny day. Perfect weather to ramble.


    1. Lol Dewin, you are right – maybe we will have a late flourish – but I am already discerning that autumn feel – there’s a hint on the breeze. But we can’t complain. We’ve had a long run and it keeps giving. Cloudy here today – but not too cold.

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