The Corona Diaries – Day 150

The outlook across Britain looks patchy. Some areas, such as Oldham and Blackburn, seem particularly bad while others are improving. Overall there are more cases – 1182 (if you believe the figures) but they seem to be more in young people who are not getting so ill – hence hospital admissions and deaths are down

I see the government has increased the ban on evictions. Landlords are unable to evict tenants.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t pay or are wrecking the place – they can’t be evicted. Bad news for those who depend on an income from renting property! I think the government are preparing for the end of the furlough scheme. Hundreds of thousands are going to be made redundant. They will have no income.

All the homeless who were swept off the streets will shortly find themselves dumped back there again.

Across Europe, the virus is on the increase. More countries are being added to the quarantine list! Where is this going when the cold arrives, people are indoors more and winter comes? What will it mean for public transport? Restaurants? Pubs? or schools???

The government continues to stumble along. Its competency is now openly questioned. Johnson kicked all the competent ones out. All we are left with are the extreme Brexiteers. What a sad, inept bunch they are. How this bunch are going to get a good deal out of Brexit or make beneficial trade deals? If their stupidity and cronyism as regards Track and Trace Apps, the £13.8 Billion Brexit Ferry contract, PPE or the new relaxation of planning regs, is anything to go by, we are in for an almighty mess!

When is someone going to be held accountable for all this waste of our money?

One piece of good news is that there are thoughts that a new mutation in the virus has created a more contagious but less deadly variety. The jury is still out (it may just be that the new cases are young) but if it turns out to be verified it could be the best news yet.

The Russian vaccine is being fast-tracked but is being met with dubious cynicism. We’ll see. They seem to have cut a lot of corners. Will it pay off?

In the States the rate of new infections is increasing again (43,798 new cases and another 1404 deaths). Trump is getting desperate. He is well behind in the polls (thank heavens). It is destroying his chances of being re-election and showing up the incompetence of his government. With 174,477 deaths it now exceeds the total number of deaths from the First World War (116,516) and the Vietnam war (47,434) combined!!

That takes some doing – at the rate they are going it will eventually exceed the deaths from the 2nd World War (291,557).

In Brazil the rate has gone up to 45,323 with another 1204 deaths.

Enough said!

Yesterday we had some friends round for a socially distanced meal in the garden. As this virus is going to be with us for a lot longer I figure we’ve got to get on with life and weigh up the risks. We’re still having our food delivered, not going into shops and keeping ourselves isolated.

Today was warm, cloudy and windy. I took my walk up the hill and was nearly blown off. I came back and did some editing of my book while playing the Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Thus ends day 150!!

Stay Safe everyone!!

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