The Corona Diaries – Day 146

It certainly worries me to have such a bunch of inept extremists in charge of the country. Their arrogance is their downfall.

Take Gavin Williamson – he had three months to sort out this mess with the A-Level results. Any fool could have seen that this was a crash waiting to happen.

Teachers tend to put in grades that are usually optimistic. If you run on teacher assessments you are going to have an inflation of grades.

Grade inflation is not good. It is not fair to previous cohorts and downgrades the value of the grades.

Is there an alternative?

If you use Mock exam results they are all over the place. Many students do not take them seriously and do no work for them. Teachers use different tactics. Some teachers are harsh markers – wanting to wake the kids up to what is going to happen unless they knuckle down to working hard. Some teachers are lenient – looking to encourage.

Instead of talking to the people concerned and seeking a fair set of results the twerp chose to do an easy option and apply an algorithm to reduce grades.

The end result is exceedingly unfair. It penalised students in deprived areas and benefitted students in Public Schools (private education) ie. it hit the poor and benefitted the rich.

So what should he have done??

Easy. Identify all the schools and institutions who have produced predicted grades that are above historic levels and asked them to reassess to produce results that are in line with previous results. They had plenty of time to achieve this.

But talking to people is not the Tory way. They like to dictate.

This is exactly the same faults that have been applied to Covid-19 and Brexit. Instead of talking or allowing local people to handle things they issue directives. So we got stupid things like ‘Brexit means Brexit’ instead of having a cross-party team to investigate the best way of delivering Brexit. We have had a national Track and Trace system (at huge cost) instead of using the local health service which is set up to carry such a scheme out. We have a failed national phone ap, failed PPE orders, failed testing equipment, failed ventilator schemes, failed care home – all costing lives and huge amounts of money (often going to firms owned by cronies).

When the dust has settled I hope there is going to be a huge accounting.

We don’t know what is happening in the UK – after a big doubling of cases yesterday the government is not releasing the figures (ominous and typical – Cummings taking time to doctor them?). In the USA they are still chugging along at 42,000 (I hope they are all the idiots who refuse to social distance or wear masks) and in Brazil the ‘little flu’  has infected another 22,000.

Now we have the invisible Johnson going on holiday in the middle of a pandemic – when our numbers are shooting up and there’s a crisis over education, homeless and the economy. Never mind, Dominic Cummings is probably running the show without the middle man.

I’m waiting to see what happens with the next fiasco ‘All back to school in September’ – another directive with no strategy as to how this might be possible while keeping Kids and staff safe!

When the Coronavirus hit all the homeless were swept off the streets – now it appears they are about to be kicked back out onto the streets (in time to freeze over winter). We’ve seen what can be achieved when the will’s there. But caring is not a Tory trait is it?

So today I went for my walk up my hill, worked on my book and played the Everly Brothers.

I’m now off to read and then I’ll do a bit more writing.

Stay safe everyone!

14 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 146

  1. Morning Opher.

    I see Hancock the health secretary is announcing the forming of a new public body, the National Institute for Health Protection, (incorporating Public Health England (PHE), the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) and NHS Test and Trace) that will operate under the single-leadership of Conservative peer Baroness Dido Harding (her of the Talk Talk fiasco – wife of John Penrose, Tory MP for Weston-super-Mare). Hancock is quoted (in the Guardian) saying:

    “The National Institute for Health Protection (NIHP) will have a single and relentless mission, protecting people from threats to this country’s health.”

    Would that include protecting people from a world-beating Tory U.K government’s consistent ineptitude, arrogance, complacency, incompetence, and blatant cronyism, which threatens the health and livelihoods of the U.K population, but not perhaps the bank-balances of the political-classes. No doubt it won’t.


    1. They’ll have their work cut out protecting us from those morons!
      It’s a shame they didn’t implement the recommendations of the Cygnus report in the first place.

      1. Indeed, important questions remain over the state of preparedness of the U.K to an epidemic, and which, if any, of the Cygnus findings were implemented. Certainly there were chronic failures across the board, and ineffective decisions taken by the clowns who run the asylum. Hancock himself was responsible for Public Health England and in setting PHE’s priorities last year.

        I doubt Harding was given the role to ensure the future health of the U.K people, rather she, a Tory peer, is there as a tax-payer paid scapegoat to protect the reputations of politicians, which of course is a bit late when the corona-horse has already bolted (with winter coming, schools reopening) and the reputability of this classless, clueless cabinet – and the Tory brand – lies in tattered ruins already.

        The Guardian quotes Dr Michael Head – a senior research fellow in global health at Southampton University – regarding Harding’s new role: (it) “makes about as much sense as Chris Whitty being appointed the Vodafone head of branding and corporate image”, he said; a reference to Harding’s lack of experience of public health.

        Top jobs for cronies – and fireplace salesmen – who swear allegiance to BoJo. Tis the Tory way.


      2. You would imagine that a basic level of competence might be a minimum requirement. Loyalty to the clown has replaced loyalty to the crown – though neither of them were very worthy.

      1. True. They were a treat. Such fine singers and players. When my kids wanted to play their Rafi tapes in the car, I hooked them onto the Everlys. So on those long drives we had respite from Rafi and lotsa Everly Bros.

      2. My musical interventions with the Everlys (and then the Beatles and the Kinks) are surely my finest moments as a parent.

      3. My kids music (Duran Duran) was also a threat to my mental health. Thankfully these progressed towards enjoying a better standard!

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