Petra – The Magnificent Treasury Close Up – Photos.

It was quite amazing to be able to study the Treasury close up. It was majestic.

You could clearly see the pock-marks where the Muslim soldiers had used it as target practice. They believe there should be no images of people (based on an instruction in the Koran that there should be no worshipping of images). They deface any images they come across.

The camels and donkeys wait patiently, apprehensively waiting for the time they will be required to transport obese westerners around the site.

Those images that have survived the rifles are eroded with time – sandblasted by the wind.

A place for selfies.

The military guard was selected for his prowess.

Inside the building, it was nowhere near as opulent – rather dark and cramped. But I imagine that back in time, when it was used for important trade meetings, it would have been lavishly decorated, adorned and suitably lit.

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