The Corona Diaries – Day 131

Already 131 days in isolation and the WHO says that we might never get a vaccine or a cure. We might have to live with this forever!

That’s a bit daunting. Basically, it means that we have to learn to live with a variety of measures to reduce our risk for the rest of our lives. I don’t think I like that idea.

Meanwhile, we continue to blunder our way through with a series of mixed messages:

We are being encouraged to use vouchers to eat out and support our catering industry – but we are told that restaurants might have to close because of clusters of disease emanating from them.

Pubs have just opened but might be closed soon – Too much risk and too stupid people not distancing.

Schools will definitely open in September (didn’t we hear this before) but we still do not know how it can be done.

We can have six people mixing together in pubs but not homes.

They want us to go in to work and not work from home – but it unsafe to be indoors with strangers.

All seems a bit confusing!

So, the fall-out is continuing – firms closing and businesses going bust but they have got a new 90-minute test – that must surely help the test and trace??? But haven’t we heard this before – world-beating apps and testing? There is so much fake news, rumours and government cheerleading. It never comes to anything.

In the UK we still have too high levels – 771 new cases and 74 deaths.

In Europe, it looks to be taking off again! In the States, there were another 47,325 new cases and 452 deaths and in Brazil another 25,800 new cases and 541 deaths. Who’s going to win the prize for the most inept? My money’s on the States and Trump!

So today it is colder. I took the car in for a service, walked up my hill, worked on my book and played Led Zep really loud.

Another day eats dust! Stay Safe!!

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