The Corona Diaries – Day 127

It’s official – England has the worst excess deaths in Europe!! Boris Johnson is the King of Death!!

If it wasn’t for Trump and Bolsonaro we’d be the most pathetic in the world!

The question is – are they going to get away with it? Or are they going to be accountable for a lamentable performance??

I can feel the spin coming on.

Yes, here we are – Johnson actually claimed today that there was a huge success in tackling Covid-19.  Orwell couldn’t have written it better!!

Are people that stupid that they’ll believe anything they are told?? The answer is yes!!! Today I went to get a hair trim and my lovely barber told me what a good job Johnson was doing!!

It seems I live on a different planet. I’m on planet ‘reality’ and they’re on planet ‘I’m a gullible twat’.

In the States Pence appeared on the steps of the Supreme Court with a bunch of psuedo-scientists proclaiming the benefits of the discredited hydroxychloroquine and telling everyone that wearing facemasks has no benefits. How can life and death in a pandemic have become politicised?? This is just fake news!! When a government acts as irresponsibly as this it is no wonder that they have 63,255 new cases and another 1,455 deaths yesterday! Absolutely shocking! They are killing gullible people for political advantage!

Not surprising – you can see how Trump works – stormtroopers swooping on peaceful protestors.

Today Trump was calling for the postponement of the elections and adding that postal voting creates fraud. I can see him laying the groundwork to contest his defeat in the elections. It’s a worrying time for America. This smacks of totalitarian tyranny to me.

In Brazil, the other populist twat Bolsonaro, who also denies the virus and encourages people to ignore social distancing and facemasks, sees Brazil having the highest spike of a further 69,074 new cases and another 1,595 deaths.

Science knows what’s right. Populist deniers are ignorant, self-serving fools.

So today I tuned out from the lunacy going on around me (it makes me too angry) and played some Stranglers! I went for a long 16K walk. I watched a swallow feedings its chicks on a telephone wire. She/he swooped in, stuffed insects in their mouth on the wing and was off. Marvellous to watch. We found two historic wells and had a great afternoon.

Nature is a healer!

Stay safe everybody -the worst is yet to come!! All the best!

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