The Corona Diaries – Day 123

A beautiful day in Yorkshire. The sun shone on us as we met up with my eldest son, wife and three grandchildren and spent a day on the beach!

No crowds up here in Yorkshire – lots of sand and space! No problem social distancing.

Came back and watched the football – the end of the premiership season! Sad to see it over!

I’ve been playing a lot of Peter Green Fleetwood Mac and also some David Gray!

Over here we are relaxing restrictions and seeing a modest increase in new cases – 768 new cases recorded yesterday. It’s not going away and we’re not on top of it. Winter is when they are expecting the next surge. At present they estimate only 5-7% have had it. That leaves 95-93% vulnerable – and it is widely distributed.

In the States it is out of control though – 65,425 new cases. Texas is holding ‘Death Panels’ to decide who to save and who to let die. That’s something the right-wingers incorrectly accuse the NHS of doing.

We’ve started taking more risks – but doing it with our eyes open. We’re still taking great care, mainly isolating and just meeting friends and family outside with distance. But life’s about taking risks. I reckon our risks are acceptable.  Long way to go yet.

Keep your risks at a safe level – Stay Safe!!

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