The Corona Diaries – Day 119

I still haven’t gone down with it!

The main talking point is whether there is going to be a vaccine by Christmas? The Oxford project seems to be producing good results. That is hopeful! You never know!

The other good bit of news was that a Beta Interferon drug seems to be effective at reducing the major bad effects! That’s good too!

So all we have to do is stay isolated until they have an effective treatment or good vaccine!

But the problem isn’t over then. If there are too many antivaccers we will not reach herd immunity and the virus will still be around – just like we’re seeing with measles!

By my calculations, we could be halfway through our lockdown!

Another bit of good news is that the teachers and doctors are getting a pay rise in recognition of risking their lives and the work they have been doing. It doesn’t make up for the ten years they’ve been hammered by austerity though, does it?

Today I went for a walk to test my calf – still sore! We had a friend round for a socially distanced meal and I played some Screaming Jay Hawkins while I did a bit of editing.

Perhaps this is a good day? The end of the beginning? Only another six months of lockdown to go! Yipee!!

Stay safe everybody!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 119

  1. Tubularsock wonders, more money to risk your life as a teacher? There may just be a bit of a disconnect
    from reality with that concept.

    In the best of times it is pretty much a thankless job and then to get a couple of more bucks to risk your
    life ………. stupid!

    One would kind of hope that a teacher would not fall for such a stupid idea but some just aren’t as bright
    as a light bulb in the off position!

    At least from Tubularsock’s experience in that field.

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