The Corona Diaries – Day 113

Lol – Johnson still tries to argue that he has a world-beating track and trace system when it blatantly isn’t. The man lies. I think he just speaks without thinking and makes things up. Either that or he lives in a bubble where he thinks that if he says something it will be true.

Having finally caught up with the idea that facemasks might help in staunching the spread of Covid they are holding back from demanding them in the office.

For economic reasons they now want people to go back to the office and not work from home. I think many firms have already decided that working from home is better and saves a lot of overheads.

I’m beginning to wonder how they are going to sort the economy. They have rightly borrowed a lot of money and it doesn’t look as if the economy is bouncing back as they hoped. That means that they will either have to go back into more cuts and austerity, get the economy to grow, or raise taxes and get the rich to pay more. Being Tories I reckon I know what they will choose.

My suggestion would be to plug the lax rules that enable the rich to avoid paying taxes by stuffing their loot offshore.

In the US the number of cases is still surging with 700 deaths with no sign of a nation-wide strategy. The only good thing about it is that it might scupper Trump. But he’s ordered hospitals not to send data to the CDC but to send it directly to Washington – so he can massage the figures?

So today I played my Nice, limped around the front room nursing my calf, but trying to keep my fitness up. I have been working on Farther From The Sun.

Another day in lockdown


Keep safe everyone.


2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 113

  1. Yo, Opher, Johnson is making a king prawn of himself. I finally went to a pub again yesterday! It wasn’t much fun. I really resented being forced to take hand gel. Isn’t water good enough to wash your hands in?

    But worse, Johnson tells us to go to restaurants – and I’d like to – but they aren’t open! The local Beefeater is closed until late August at least. The landlord of the pub I went to told me they can’t serve food yet – some “health and safety” problem. I don’t know if it’s national or just local.

    To your credit, Opher, you do suggest a solution: “get the economy to grow.” Yes, indeed. And the best way to do that is to get rid of all unnecessary regulations. “Let ten million small businesses bloom.” But Johnson hasn’t done anything to lessen the burdens that Blair, Brown, Cameron and May have dropped on us “little people.”

    1. Lol Neil – I don’t see what burdens have been dropped on us. I went to our local restaurant three days ago. Met up with friends and had a meal outside. Was safe and good. The pubs in our village are all open with beer gardens and a lot of people.
      As long as people take adequate precautions it should be alright – but then the loonies neither distance nor wash.
      But you are right – Johnson is making a right prawn of himself. The man is a lazy, incompetent twat.

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