The Corona Diaries – Day 110

I’m a little housebound today with this strained calf muscle. But it did give me an excuse to watch cricket. I’ve also been playing my Coasters albums. They always cheer me up.

We both seem to have developed a bit of the summer sniffles. As we’ve been in isolation one wonders how we have managed to pick that up? Maybe it’s just an allergic reaction to the paint?

So, I hobbled around the house and managed to do some mowing. I worked on a few poems and generally moped. I don’t like being injured or restricted.

My outrage at the destruction of the local habitat is being published in the Driffield and Wolds Weekly next Tuesday. I think that will change the world!

Outside in the mayhem we call society, everything is nearly back to normal. Johnson is now calling for people not to work from home. Seemingly they don’t buy lunches or use transport and that means jobs are under threat. Who cares about efficiency, or the virus, or the pollution levels – get to the bloody office!

I really don’t think anybody knows what we are officially meant to be doing anymore. There is no clear guidance. How many people can we meet up with and where? Who the fuck knows? Should we wear facemasks in shops? Well, I read two conflicting reports in two papers. Isn’t it great to have such brilliant leadership?

The virus has 512 (official) new cases and 48 deaths – so it continues to come down for the moment but still poses a threat. It seems to me that with a bit of leadership and a good track and isolate policy we could eradicate it. Except, despite claims of world-beating systems, we still do not have a credible system and no app whatsoever. We also don’t have leadership – apart from Cummings who is probably happy that all the old folk are being killed off.

Talking of Cummings – isn’t it amazing how much sneaks through under the radar these days? It appears that Gove and Cummings have awarded a contract to a firm they support without putting it out to tender. You don’t suppose they get a reward for that, do you?

It seems that the USA, Brazil and India are the breeding ground for the virus. The USA is going berserk. There were 66,766 new cases and another 729 deaths. When those new cases start worsening there are going to be a lot more deaths. I bet Trump is out golfing and urging everyone to get back to work immediately.

In Brazil, it is 39,000 new cases and 1071 deaths. I hope Bolsonaro gets a real bad dose so that he knows what his ‘little flu’ is really like.

Meanwhile, the insane polarisation into left and right continues. Hate, confusion, fake news and cynicism are the new currency as the populists fuel the division for their own ends. Both sides believe the other is insane and only they know the truth. What a world.

Stay safe!! It might get better!

16 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 110

  1. Well, ol Orangy doesn’t give a fuck about CV deaths or how it’s spreading…golf is important to Orange Fuck. Getting reelected and hitting small white balls (like his own) are important. His “base” loves it more than when he waves his little con man hands to mesmerize them.

    1. Beyond me, how so many are taken in Jeff. Can’t they see what he is doing? The whole business with the tax returns should spark a warning light. He’s an arrogant over-privileged conman who is raking it in.

      1. Now we’ve got Orangy’s “secret police’ just South of us, rounding up people andhauling them off, even though they arent even close to “demonstrations,” it’s just and attempt to scare people into silence. Don’t like all the petty vandalism, but understand the anger driving it. We are edging a bit closer to a civil war each and every day. My wife and I were talking and both said almost at the same time, “Glad I’m not young anymore.” The younger folks are going to have to fight this one. We just looked at each other, and my wife teared up. Gotta say I admired the musicianship of Kieth Emerson very much. Greg Lake’s lyric…every day a little madder says it all.

      2. It’s becoming more and more like a fascist State from the sound of things Jeff – unmarked cars, plain-clothes thugs picking up people off the streets. Where’s due process?? Battle lines are being drawn. It might not even reach the election!

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