The other central theme in the Sci-Fi novel Green

The other central theme in the novel Green

The future world I was describing in the novel Green was in the midst of an environmental crisis. Nature had been virtually destroyed and pollution was rife. Big Business ran the show for profit.

The result was a movement of environmentalists totally opposed to the way the world had been run for profit at the expense of all other life. They were the Green Movement.

The Green movement were not unified. They were split into three factions.

The first faction, the mainstream movement, still believed that they reason with the ruling group, gain public support, and force positive change.

The second faction believed that reasoning with the politicians was not possible. All that the ruling class cared about was power and that Big Business pulled the strings, and all they cared about was profit. This faction believed that the only way to promote positive change was to force the politicians and industry to change. They ran a campaign of terror and sabotage.

The third faction was the most cynical of all. They believed that it was impossible for people to change, that there was a genetic flaw in human nature and we, as a species, were irredeemable. The only answer was to remove humans from the equation altogether and allow nature to evolve back into a better state.

The third faction were actively colluding to release a virus to wipe out mankind.

This provided the dramatic backdrop as the two main stories interweaved.

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