The Corona Diaries – Day 103

The good weather continues. The loonies flock to beaches and parks. There are raves and street parties. Nobody would believe we’re in the midst of a crisis – but we are.

There were 652 new cases reported today and another 149 deaths. The disease has not gone away.

It would appear that the virus does not like the outdoor life. That appears to have saved us from a second wave….. but there’s time. I think that things will start to happen when they open up pubs and restaurants.

Still no sign of a world-beating app as promised for the 1st June. I did hear that rather than go for the one that is up and running in places like Germany they chose to take on one of their chums – which worked out well didn’t it??

Still no sign of a world-beating test and follow-up system as promised. They chose to bypass the GPs who have a good system already in place!

It is good to have the footie back! That fills a hole. I’m still feeling jaded and I know my efficiency is poor. Perhaps it’s the heat? I haven’t started a new novel for a couple of weeks – but I’ve a number of ideas brewing. I think I will start writing one soon.

I have started writing round to literary agents and publishers now that my new website is up and running.

Today we went for a longish 12-kilometre walk up on the Wolds. It is so beautiful up there. The butterflies were out in force making the most of the sunshine.

Back home I was playing my Meters and sorting some poems.

Stay safe.

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