The Corona Diaries – Day 90

Today we had an adviser of Johnson’s giving an inside view of the cabinet. It explains a lot. The ERG have completely taken over the cabinet. The agenda is Brexit. Nothing else matters. All other views have been kicked out – Clarke, Hammond, Stewart among them.

The charge was that there are a bunch of Yes Men. There is no real debate, no challenging. Cabinet meeting are now short on discussion with no ideas coming forward and no range of views. It is all run by Dominic Cummings.

It explains why we have the worst record on Corona virus.

I can already see the way this is going. The government is looking to blame this shocking record on the scientists.

Right the way through this fiasco we have been behind the curve and not listening to the WHO (Test Test Test) or learning lessons from other countries. There is a great arrogance and incompetence at work. It fits in with the lack of challenge in cabinet.

Today I have been playing Randy Newman. It’s been a wet day but I managed a walk. I’ve been working on my new blog and sorting photos. Lockdown is becoming a bit frustrating!!

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