The Corona Diaries – Day 73

I can feel the whole lockdown beginning to relax. The number of new cases and deaths are both coming down. There is a different feel around. People are out, cars are about. Up here they are social distancing – not sure that is the case everywhere though!

That slimy Cummings still has not resigned. The pressure is building!! This is the lying, conniving mastermind behind Brexit who deviously spent his time spinning, lying and spreading propaganda. He’s the one who has boosted Johnson into being elevated above his competence! He needs to go!

One rule for everybody!!! No elitist spin!!

Today a friend of mine dropped in for a socially distanced walk. That was great – a good time to have a good natter. I’ve missed that.

We walked up to the top of my hill (I have now claimed it). Very pleasant day again!

I have had kindle report problems with the covers of both my new books – Star and Green. Seemingly the writing is wrong on the cover is wrong. Not sure how I can put that right. It’s an automatic process? We’ll see. Nothing in life is straightforward.

I’ve been working on my new Ron Forsythe website and blog. Hoping to get it up and running tomorrow. An important step for me. I’m useless at these things.

I’ve been playing a lot of Velvet Underground and Nico. I find her voice so haunting.

A bit of a mixed day!!

Still not ill – so you all stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 73

  1. Happy to hear you’re still well, Opher. We are too. In the middle of a heat wave here – I hate the hot, humid weather. We are slowly opening up – a spike in cases the last few days in Ontario is slowing things down. Stay well!

    1. Hi John – glad you are all OK. I don’t mind it warm and the weather has been great here! We are beginning to open up here too. I just worry about a surge. I don’t think the government is properly on the case.
      I’ve been very busy writing. I am shortly going to be looking for a publisher or Literary Agent. Fingers crossed!
      You stay well too!

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