The Corona Diaries – Day 43

The Corona Diaries – Day 43


Today they are panicking because we are not ill enough. The numbers of people going to their doctors or hospitals is way down. It seems that people are not presenting with symptoms of heart attacks, strokes or cancer like they normally do. They’d rather take the risk and stay home than go into a Covid-19 ridden hospital.

I can understand that. I think it would take something serious in order to get me to go to hospital.

However, the likely outcome is that the death-rate from other causes might exceed that of Corona virus!

My internet is still down. That is frustrating. You do not realise how much of your life is on line until you cannot connect. Hopefully a 4g hub will arrive today – but I’m not counting on it. Fortunately I have plenty to be getting on with.

It’s a cloudy start today so I’m putting off my walk until this afternoon. In the meantime I’m eyeing up next week’s decorating job. I’m going to tackle the stairwell. That will require bringing in the long ladders from outside in order to reach the ceiling! Quite a job.

I’m wondering how the public will react to the incompetence of our populist leaders in the future. Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro are all of a type. They were elected by pandering to a segment of society who have been left behind, a segment who have been exploited and shat on by the wealthy elite. All three of them used the fear of immigrants as an excuse for why times were so hard. The irony always was that the three of them were part of that privileged elite who had caused the problem.

When faced with a real problem, in the shape of Covid-19, all three have demonstrated extreme ineptitude. Complacent, unprepared and unable to send out a clear message. Johnson even ignoring all the advice to continue to shake hands and nearly getting himself killed. Trump talking of using a highly dangerous drug, injecting ourselves with disinfectant or blasting ourselves with UV Light. Bolsonaro telling everyone it is nothing and to carry on.

All they care about is the economy. People are cogs in the machine – expendable. Their ignorance and stupidity is manifest.

But when the spin sets in will the people be as gullible as they were?

Feeling incredibly frustrated at not having my internet access but we went for a walk and wandering through those beautiful lanes and paths with all the trees breaking out in fresh foliage, the Spring blossom, birds singing, flowers glowing in the sunlight – well it lifted my spirits!

I came back and did some writing on the Roy Harper book and my book of poetry!

They are both progressing!!

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