Today’s Music to help keep up my spirits through Isolation! – Jimi Hendrix

Jimi was certainly one of the most exciting acts that I ever saw live. It seems incredible to me that all three of them are dead. I guess that’s what happens.

I have endless hours of Jimi playing. I think he only actually released four albums while he was alive but I actually have hundreds.

I can still remember hearing Hey Joe on the radio (probably Luxembourg) when I was about sixteen years old and being blown away by it. It was such a different sound to anything I’d heard before. I was smitten. Then that first album blew me away!!

Anyway, today I will revisit my youth and play Jimi real LOUD, just like he should be played. I shall play all the early stuff in the day and in the evening I shall listen to him noodling and jamming in the studio. I never get tired of that.

He was a genius. Still miss the man.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Music to help keep up my spirits through Isolation! – Jimi Hendrix

  1. (I’ve put this on Little Wing by mistake) Back in the 70s a friend took me to a small coffee bar in Ealing to see a guitarist I’d never heard of, Jimi Hendrix. There were probably about 30 of us squeezed into this tiny space and he blew us away!

      1. A little while later, I saw him at some venue in Crawley, a dance hall type of place and we waited and we waited and then after about forty five minutes he came on and before he kicked off the music, the first thing he said was, “Hey man, don’t ever buy Marshall!”

        Funny how some things stick in your mind!

      2. Yes John – most things sink into oblivion and snippets are as sharp as ever!! You can’t beat Hendrix in a small club!

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