Poetry – The Voyage to Nowhere

The Voyage to Nowhere


Preparing oneself

For the voyage to nowhere

While celebrating

The wonder

Of this interlude of being.


I’ve been front row

In the audience

At this fiery circus,

Watched the performers

Dance and spin,

Breathed in

The atmosphere,

Heard the


Of organic music,

And delighted

At the anarchy

Of this complex web

Of which I am part.


I have made my statement

By creating ripples

That pass on

The ecstasies

Of my short sojourn

In this magical kingdom

Called life;

Made all the more precious by its brevity.


Opher – 4.1.2020



It seems so long but it is so short. You breathe and it has gone.

Surrounded by wonders of suns, stars and swirling planets dancing. By microscopic atoms with their electrons and particles dancing. Surrounded by an anarchy of life, of geology, amid history, philosophy and art.

One only has to open ones eyes to see majestic wonder, to open ones ears and hear music, to think and realise the incredibility of the moment.

We are here, then we are gone. We leave behind ripples that affect it all. We are busy making ripples.

I hope mine do more good than harm. I hope to have made the most of every instant.

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