Quantum Fever – Sci-fi novel – The Blurb! I need your help!

I’ve been working on the back

cover Blurb! What I need to know is whether it works or not. If it needs tweaking! Does it tell you enough? Entice you? Or is it a turn off?

Please give me your opinions.

Tomorrow I put it in!

‘Quantum Fever’ is a disease affecting people who jump the weird reaches of quantum space.

Is Tahsin Roeg, the Quship Captain, suffering from Quantum Fever or is ‘The Consortium’ seeking to control her?

What becomes of the alien planet she discovers and the life that once existed there? Do the dead have a future?

‘The System’ consists of thousands of planets with trillions of people packed in tiers. Life is artificial. Are ‘The Primitives’ going to achieve their dream of freedom?

The name of the game is expansion and profit. Is there a better game?

I'd like to hear from you...

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