Masculinity in crisis? What is a man? One man’s view!

Masculinity in crisis? What is a man? One man’s view!


Men – what use are they? Some women would happily do away with them.

They are big, smelly, violent, aggressive, silent, unemotional, twerps.

The problem as I perceive it is that we are such a new species, and civilisation is so recent, that the habits we have are stone-age. We haven’t had time to adapt to this new concept of society. Men are still living in the tribal mentality – fighting on behalf of the community to ensure we have enough territory to provide the food we need – being aggressive and terrifying to warn off other clans and predators – gaining status through brave, aggressive acts – being strong and violent to foreigners and lions.

The trouble is that we live in towns and cities now. We get our food from supermarkets. The foreigners live down our street. There are no lions.

Men have become superfluous.

We don’t need big muscles when we have power tools that children and females can control.

We don’t need tattoos and short hairstyles that look aggressive because there isn’t any territory to protect. We all live together in big communities. There is plenty of food.

We don’t need to produce smells to warn off predators. There aren’t any predators in cities.

We do not need to be aggressive and violent anymore.

Once the aggressive, violent, courageous nutters were a valued part of the community. They protected us all. Now they are a throwback. They are out of date.

In a modern society it is not about brutality; it is about intelligence, empathy, partnership and responsibility.

It is alright to be emotional.

Women and foreigners are on an equal footing. We can all contribute equally. Society, global travel, and technology have levelled the playing field.

Men need to adapt to the modern world and move out of the jungle.

We can love, cry, empathise, feel, cuddle, laugh, reach out and relax.

This is the modern world – there’s no room for the violent cave-man. We’ve moved on!

Grow your hair! Be soft! Be open and friendly! Be kind! Be welcoming!

The new, modern man must learn to compete with women.

(Likewise, the modern woman has to stop pandering to the Neanderthals. Worshipping that smelly, violent monster of the past is only encouraging them!)

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