Why I’m an Internationalist.

People are people. All over the world, whatever race or nationality, people are the same. There is the same level of love, compassion, hate and cruelty.

The differences between people are a result of their experiences.

Everybody deserves the same rights.

Rights should be universal.

Nations are an artificial construct. They reinforce tribalism and isolation. I prefer partnership and collaboration. I would like to see more pluralism, mixing and less distrust and power seeking. I’d do away with the whole ideas of countries.

I want free trade and movement.

I want universal education – particularly for women.

The huge problems – overpopulation, climate change, pollution, deforestation, species diversity, religious fanaticism, political fanaticism, drugs, slavery, tax evasion and war – are global problems that cannot be solved without a global approach.

Mass immigration is largely a result of extreme inequality.

I want barriers broken down and a global approach.


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