Poetry – Wining to the End – a poem about experiencing life to the full and evaluating the worth.

Poetry – Wining to the End – a poem about experiencing life to the full and evaluating the worth.

It is good to reach an age when you can look back over a life and feel the wonder. There are many things that you might have done differently but then you would not have been where you are.
Experience gives you perspective and appreciation.
I have been fortunate to have lived through such times, times of peace, freedom and plenty, and to have found so much love and fulfilment.
There are not many times in history or places in the world that have offered such sanctuary, liberty and lack of mind control. It has enabled me to blossom.
There are many mountains I have not climbed and many more I hope to scale. I expect the views to be magnificent.
I hope my grandchildren will experience a world full of challenge but with opportunity and without the fetters that can narrow a young mind.
An imprisoned mind cannot savour the taste of such heady liquor as life brings.
Wining to the End
Last night I sat alone with my bottle of wine
And sipped the tiniest sip of the very last drops.
I swirled the red liquid around the bottom
And saw my reflection in the bottle.
I have loved the most beautiful women
Loved until nothing else mattered;
Wondered at the moon,
Fallen through the stars
Travelled to the worlds of new ideas,
And seen the best that men can do.
I have tried to make sense of galaxies and cathedrals,
Listened to men whose eyes glinted with passion
And experienced the greatest lusts.
I have read the most considered words
And wrestled with majestic ideas,
Found causes and ideals I would die for,
And seen the worst results
From men whose eyes were hard and selfish
Yet glowed with excitement.
I have considered heaven
And imagined hell,
The greatest minds
And the most depraved,
Drunk myself unconscious,
Opened my mind to wonder
Art, poems and stories,
Written, daubed and waffled.
I have despaired at fun
And empty lives
And sought meaning and fulfilment.
I discovered it in family, friends and sharing
And a thousand kind words.
I have travelled and marvelled
And taken so many sips and gulps
And now I am at peace savouring these
Last few,
For only in them is the flavour fully distilled.

Opher 24.3.01

7 thoughts on “Poetry – Wining to the End – a poem about experiencing life to the full and evaluating the worth.

  1. Hey Opher – I think this is still one of your best pieces of self-reflective writing.

    It has a nostalgic sentimentality about it, of a life well lived and well loved; perhaps also a homely feel as well, as if written in subdued-light from the comfort of an old wing-back chair positioned close to a roaring fire on a cool early-autumn eve.


    1. Hi Dewin.
      Yes it is one that I particularly like – but seemingly not very many other people share that view. It received a paltry number of likes. Perhaps too sentimental?

      1. There’s no accounting for taste Opher, but I think it offers a balanced personal perspective, albeit one contained by generalisations and broad sweeping statements as opposed to a commentary detailing specifics justifying your view.

        It is what it is: no-more-no-less than an honest précis, a sincere expressive encapsulation of a wistful, reflective moment written off the cuff but from the heart looking back over one’s lifetime given sentimental juice by a glass or two of grappa.

        It is not easy condensing one’s entire life into so few descriptive, exacting words.


      2. Yes it is exceptionally difficult to see which articles are going to be popular. Never mind. I write what I feel. All that counts is whether I express my feelings and views well.

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