Wanting to shine! – a poem

Wanting to shine!


I’m forged from the matter made

In the centre of a star

So I naturally choose to shine.

I’m giving out warmth

And compassion

To make us all feel fine.


I’d rather live in the light

Than huddled in the dark –

Shrunk with fear and hatred.

The choice is rather stark!


It’s the essence of a star

To banish all the night!

Enabling us to see,

Providing us with sight.


So I’m glad that my body was forged in the centre of a sun

It gives us all positive potential, each and every one!


Opher 12.9.2019

4 thoughts on “Wanting to shine! – a poem

  1. I never imagined living through such disgusting times! And government is a joke! (A boy’s club) Opher, I hope you have some peace and comfort stashed away!? I sure do!(people I love and trust) The world has gone mad, and selfish! Did you ever see this BS coming?

    1. No Myth. I grew up in the 60s with idealism and hope. I really thought we were busy changing things for the better. But the greedy, selfish stupid people won out. The establishment secured a greater hold! They are busy destroying the world for a quick buck!
      But hey – everything passes, everything changes – just do what you think you should do!
      These selfish bastards will have their day.

      1. It’s just so overwhelming, and the worst is yet to come Opher…the undoing! I promise, I am doing all that I should be doing! There are so many nobody’s being observed as idols! With No contribution to society. We’ve got reality stars who read from Scripts who are considered to be reality. Which seems to grant them privilege like asking the president to help him get someone out of jail! Everyone’s acting like spoiled brats! And in the long run back lash will be
        major regret? Societies seem to be mocking what they see on TV and in movies, etc. Yes change comes, this too shall pass… Until then hang on to your sanity! Thank you for your reply.🙂☀️

      2. Yes there is a great shallowness to this modern society. It has no heart. Everyone is obsessed with instant fame and fortune but nobody wants to earn it. It is all superficial. Nobody seems greatly aware of the forces that are really operating against them.
        They are being set up and manipulated by those forces. There are people directing this mass hypnosis. They want everyone to be consumed by trivia.
        It will get worse. Then it will get better. I remain optimistic. There will be a great awakening. I see it in many of the kids. They are aware of the forces of greed and selfishness that are at work.

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