Poetry – My Mountains – A love song.

Poetry – My Mountains – A love song.

My Mountains
We cannot live without a heart, without recognition of something worth more than ourselves.
Love gives purpose to existence. It makes us strong, bolsters us when weak and generates power.
In an infinite universe it is not good to be alone.
To share a tea, a sunset or a quiet moment is transcendental. It is enough.
There is nothing more important than love. It is the antidote to the hatred and cruelty that destroys the world.

My Mountains
You are my mountains, hazed with blue mist
My sky
My sun
You are my forests, seas and wind
My stars
My rain
You are my volcanoes and hills
My soil
My trees
You are the ground underneath my feet
My air
My wind
You are my moon serene in the heavens
My clouds
My flowers
You are the touch that wakens me
My morning
My day
You are all the time I hold in my heart
My streams
My shore
You are in me beating with life
My blood
My guts
Without you there is only silence, darkness and perpetual night
For you are my light, my beauty and my truth.
Nothing can exist without you.

Opher 10.9.2015

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