The Rewriting of History and Redefining of Fascism.

 A number of Right-wing Americans, following the lead of Trump and Bannon, have set about trying to obfuscate the past. They are trying to redefine Fascism as a left-wing, socialist ideology. It’s all mixed in with the Holocaust denial and blatant Anti-Semitism.  They would like people to believe that Socialism is responsible for all the ills of the past century and Capitalism is the saviour of the world (not the creator of gross inequality, exploitation and the destruction of nature as some of us perceive). I would suggest that the reality lies somewhere in the middle – both extreme left-wing and extreme right-wing ideology has resulted in totalitarian states and draconian policies. They equate Social Democracy with the Totalitarian Communism of Russia and China.
Talk about rewriting history and redefining fascism.
What we really need is less division and more constructive dialogue. What we do not want are any more totalitarian governments.
But Fascism is not a left-wing phenomenon as is now being asserted. I think the Right need to very much study harder. Gentile, the fascist philosopher and politician who started the movement was a fascist through and through – a thing of the right.  He was vehemently opposed to the leftist philosophy of communism (both fascism and communism being diametrically opposed ideologies of Left and Right – both tyrannical and both equally despicable). Hitler and the Nazis were extreme Right-wing nationalists with racist, totalitarian policies.
Fascism and other right-wing ideology (with its racist Anti-Semitic, extreme nationalism and anti-Communist ideology) did certainly have a following in Europe and the USA. But it was greatly opposed by all left-wing people and people of decent mind. Just look at the battle of Cable Street where the left united to oppose Moseley and his fascist black shirts and prevented them marching through poor Jewish areas of London. No – fascism is not, and never has been, supported by the left.
Trying to rewrite history and redefine these things is pointless and quite devious. It’s part of this denial business – the holocaust, the pogroms, the crusades, the Native Americans. All cover-ups and attempts to deny what really happened.
I put this redefining of the past in the same league as the present global warming denial. It is a deliberate obfuscation – an attempt to create doubt and enable denial.
Trump and his ilk have a lot to answer for. Their stance of undermining experts and facts is merely a means of enabling them to claim the real truth is whatever they want it to be. Anything or anybody that disagrees with their stated point of view is simply fake news – despite all evidence to the contrary.
But we have to find a way of healing this division.
I really think people have to get their heads out of this silly labelling tendency. It is the cause of a lot of antagonism. People are really not simply Left or Right. They are more complex than that. Both left and right are made up of a wide range of differing views and always have been. The extreme ends are equally as obnoxious.
How do we move forward?
It’s quite simple really. Just forget left and right. They are silly inaccurate descriptors.
Start from a basic philosophy and agree on it. For example (all great simplifications requiring greater description):
Tyranny = bad.
Racism = bad.
Imposition = bad.
Gross inequality = bad.
Division = bad.
Fairness = good.
Tolerance = good.
Equality = good.
Collaboration = good.
Care and compassion = good
(of course there will always be a minority who believe tyranny is good or racism is justified etc. – but most sensible people can agree.)
One can then refine things from there. It’s not about labelling people and trying to reduce them to some stereotyped, narrow position. Most don’t fit neatly into the pigeon-holes these people would try to stuff them into.
I have yet to find anyone who mirrors my views.
But in any case – trying to twist things round to move their definitions 180 degrees is plain devious. It needs opposing – it’s Orwellian!

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