Boris Johnson the Bufoon!! Our next Prime Minister?

Good heavens – is this the best the Tories have to offer?? A muddling nincompoop! A lazy populist who fires from the hip without thinking??

A man whose first thought is to give 10 Billion in tax cuts to the wealthy while the NHS, Police, Education, Local Authorities, Defence and Social Services are all in meltdown crisis?????

A man who thinks that leaving without a deal is great??? (Even if it ruins the country!!)

The man’s an idiot!!! But seemingly the 120,000 ageing Tory imbeciles who now make up the paid up membership think he’s great!! They think he can do no wrong!!

So seemingly Boris Johnson is the new Tory Teflon man. The faeces slides off him.

Cocaine – slide.

Marijuana – slide.

Water canons – slide.

Bendy busses – slide.

Boris bikes – slide.

Financial irregularities – slide.

Spaffed up the wall – slide.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – slide.

Libya dead bodies – slide.

Lying about £350 Million a week to the EU – slide.

Kipling poem in Burma – slide.

Garden bridge – slide

Proseco/Fish and chips – slide.

A ‘congenital liar, serially disloyal, untrustworthy, irresponsible and hopelessly chaotic’ (according to the New Statesman)!

And this idiot could be our next Prime Minister!!!

I give up – if the Tories go for this fool it demonstrates the stupidity of the public. I am seriously losing all belief in democracy!!!


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