Anthropocene Apocalypse – the book of the death of nature

Anthropocene Apocalypse – The book.

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As a child I was a great animal and nature lover. I spent my life up trees and wading through ditches and ponds. I collected caterpillars, newts, frogs, toads, slow-worms, lizards and grass-snakes. I had a big pit down the garden where I kept my wild animals. I had a shed full of mice, gerbils and hamsters, a pet crow, a pet rabbit and forty guinea pigs in assorted colours.

It led me to become a biologist and become interested in ecology and the environment. I became a Biology teacher before moving up the echelons.

I have been fortunate enough to travel all around the world and see many gorgeous animals in the wild. I love them.

It was the appalling destruction that I witnessed first-hand that caused me to write my own experiences down in the book ‘Anthropocene Apocalypse’. In my life-time I have witnessed the world’s wildernesses and wild-life being devastated everywhere I went. Forests wantonly chopped down, wild-life butchered and a population of humans that is burgeoning out of control. Animals are on the verge of extinction merely because they are being used in Chinese medicines of no worth what-so-ever. It is ludicrous to believe that the horn of a rhinoceros will enable you to get an erection. It is keratin. You might as well bite your own nails. It is stupid to believe that the bone of a tiger will endow you with vitality and make you virile. Yet these practices have virtually wiped out these creatures. We are surrounded with superstition and madness.

I have witnessed casual cruelty inflicted on all kinds of animals – snakes cut open alive to remove their gall-bladders which again are thought to give virility, bears and monkeys kept in chains and made to dance. It is callous and unthinking.

I wrote of it in my book ‘Anthropocene Apocalypse’. We have become so numerous we are affecting the climate and destroying the planet. Unless we reduce our numbers and act responsibly we will destroy it and ourselves. I wrote the book, along with the solution, in the hopes that we can prevent it at this eleventh hour.

I wrote this book to raise awareness of what is going on. I would like everyone to buy a copy. Pass it to your friends. Get out on the streets, on the web and protest. We can solve the population crisis. We can stop the destruction and butchery but only if enough people show they care.

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