The Gordian Fetish – A Sci-fi novel – the introduction

This book is a satire. It looks at politics as well as attitudes towards living creatures and sex.

I enjoyed writing the humour but there is a serious edge to it too. It is a light read but thought provoking none-the-less.

This is the introduction:


How important is consciousness? How rare is it in the universe?

It is incredibly rare but not many people here on Earth seem to care about that. But the Gordians do – they value it – they seek it out and look to protect it. They have an institute funded by their government that is geared to the conservation of endangered alien sentient beings.

Unfortunately a new Gordian leader has come along who believes in austerity. He is threatening to close the institute.

Humans are sentient and have a modicum of intelligence. They can hardly be termed endangered though. There are 4000 billion of them. But they are incredibly interesting. They have sex. They also have politics and religion. They pretend to be clever and civilised but they are nowhere near as clever and civilised as they think they are.

Most Gordians are intrigued by humans. They find sex astounding and humans cute.

Being cute and having sex might just be their saving graces.

I have put this out under my alias Ron Forsythe.

You can purchase it in the UK as a paperback or digital:

In the USA:

For other places around the world please go to your local Amazon stores. Thank you!!

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