The Scandal of the Proposed Pay Cut for the Nurses!!

Inflation is currently running at 2.7%. The proposed ‘pay rise’ for Nurses and other NHS workers is nothing more that a further pay cut!!  6% over 3 years means that they fall further behind. To stay where they are they need 2.7% a year – on a simple addition that is 8.1%!! On a compound rise it is even more!!

The Public Services – NHS, Police, Teachers, Social Workers, Carers etc. – have been treated viciously. For 8 years they have suffered a pay freeze, erosion of working conditions, and slashing of their pensions.

While the bankers, who caused the recession through their own greed, selfishness and stupidity, have continued apace with pay rises, bonuses and tax cuts, the public servants have been scapegoated.

Now all our services are in crisis. They are losing staff in droves, there is complete burn out and demoralisation due to immense workloads, there are massive recruitment problems and chaos. The crime level is rising, the Crown Prosecution are not functioning, schools are increasing class sizes, losing support staff and in budget crisis, the NHS waiting times are increasing and staff are being driven into the ground, mental health provision is far below what is needed, the case load of social workers is far too much to deal with the problems, caring services are not functioning and councils are suffering massive problems from the huge cuts they have endured.

We are told the country has to live within its means yet we have money for the DUP, we have money for tax cuts for the rich, we have money to cut corporation tax.

Where is the money going? It is going into the pockets of the rich as inequality increases. The poor are being robbed by the privatised industries.

How long can this go on?

Austerity is destroying our public services. Austerity is causing our economy to shrink. Austerity is simply not working (apart from the rich who are doing nicely thanks). We need to put an end to austerity and the demonization of public services. We need to end the pay freeze and start paying people properly!

4 thoughts on “The Scandal of the Proposed Pay Cut for the Nurses!!

  1. The same thing is happening in the States where union busting has been going on for years. I found out in the Bernie Sanders Townhall “Inequality in America” that aired on Tuesday evening – 40% of America’s homeless have jobs!!!

    1. I can’t understand how Americans can support such a system where the superrich take such a large slice and the poor are so exploited. Yet they do. They somehow can’t see it. They think the rich deserve it.

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