Tory Policy on UniversityTuition Fees is Just Putting Money into the Pockets of Fat Cats!

Back when I was at college we had our tuition fees paid for and received a small maintenance grant on top of that. It wasn’t much. We lived in blissful poverty.

Nowadays students are having to pay extortionate tuition fees of £9000 a year and receive no help towards the costs of their day to day living expense. By the time they reach the end of their course they find they are already in debt to the tune of a cool £60,000!! They are charged a wicked 5.6% interest on this sum even when the bank rate is under 1%.

I find this despicable.

The universities are raking in huge sums. This money has put the hierarchy – the vice-chancellors – into the ranks of the high earners. Their salaries have gone through the ceiling. Nottingham’s vice-chancellor earns £281,000 while the vice-chancellor of Bath University comes in at a staggering £451,000. How can they justify these staggering pay structures? They are surely fleecing poor students and taking the piss.

Students trying to cope with difficult academic courses are having to work at two jobs in order to try to keep the costs down. That cannot be right.

The whole policy is simply wrong. It is putting bright students from deprived background off from applying to university. They are frightened by the idea of such huge debts and high interest rates.

The Tory Government justify this structure by saying that graduates benefit from their qualifications by earning more so they should pay for their education.

I say that the tuition costs are too high and should be reduced drastically.

I say that poor students should not be paying for excessive vice-chancellor salaries.

I say that 5.6% interest rates on loans is far too high.

I say that the whole country benefits from the work of our graduates and should be prepared to chip in from taxes to pay for their tuition and maintenance.

I say the Tory policy is elitist and immoral.

4 thoughts on “Tory Policy on UniversityTuition Fees is Just Putting Money into the Pockets of Fat Cats!

    1. Bumba – it has become a profit making business instead of a service for the people and the country. The Tories make money out of everything. Nothing is sacrosanct.

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