In Praise of Ignorance!!

I am an ignoramus and proud of it. I think it is the highest state of being.

The word ignoramus in Latin means – ‘I do not know’.

Not knowing something is the greatest thing possible as long as it is coupled to the thirst to find out. I have a great thirst to find out.

Back in the Dark Ages there was no great thirst to find out anything. The scriptures had all the answers. They thought that anything you wanted to know was contained in the scriptures. They were ignoramuses without any thirst to find out.

The enlightenment changed that. We developed the thirst.

The Europeans set out on voyages of great discovery. Their aim was to find what they didn’t know and fill in the gaps. We’re still doing that today!

Thank heavens for ignorance!!

4 thoughts on “In Praise of Ignorance!!

  1. “The scriptures had all the answers…” Fess up, Opher. You must admit there have been/are a lot of people in the world who have NO religious beliefs whatsoever who have committed horrific crimes. You know how it is. The media only gets off on publicizing the bad stuff. Murder and sex sell papers. In the meantime there are far more folks of faith (all kinds) that are out there doing good and not spouting it to the highest heavens. Why? ‘Cause Jesus said not to do that. And so only the religious wingnuts get their fifteen minutes of fame, as it were. 😉

    1. Undoubtedly Cheryl. Tis the nature of human beings. We can be a cruel and brutal species – very tribal too. There is a lot of well-caring people of faith. I don’t dispute it.

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