Please help save the Elephants! They are being slaughtered! Please sign the petition!

Every day dozens of elephants are killed for the ivory from their tusks. [1] Unless we stop poaching for the ivory trade, elephants could be extinct within a few years. [2]

Shockingly, at the moment the UK is the largest exporter of carved ivory in the world. [3] But right now we’ve got an opportunity to stop that. The government is considering a ban, and this month they’re holding a consultation to find out what the public think. [4] They could then bring in a ban on trading ivory…OR they could do nothing.

Chris, that’s where you come in. If tens of thousands of us sign a petition, we can prove that there’s overwhelming public support for an ivory trade ban to help save elephants. Please will you sign today? 


We all like to think of the UK as a country that does its bit to protect wildlife. So it’s shocking that it’s still legal to trade ivory here. [5] It means the UK fuels global demand for ivory. That means poachers know they can make money from killing more elephants. It’s great our government is now looking at a ban. If we can persuade them to introduce it, we’ll help stop elephants being killed – and set a much better example to other countries.

The government minister in charge of this decision is Michael Gove. This isn’t the first time 38 Degrees-ers have come together to ask him to do the right thing. Just last month, after a huge campaign, we convinced Michael Gove to support a ban on bee-killing pesticides. [6] More than 370,000 of us took action to protect bees – and it worked.

The government consultation closes in less than two weeks. So, Chris, will you sign the petition right now? It only takes 30 seconds. 

Thanks for being involved,

Nuri, Rebecca, Rachel, David, Jess, Becca and the 38 Degrees office team

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