Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China

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Petition update

Please share this petition to end the cruel dog eating practice on earth.

Andrea Gung

Sunnyvale, CA

19 Dec 2017 — At Duo Duo Project, we believe petitions are a great way to keep people engaged and sharing issues that need urgent attention . Please continue to share this petition to raise more awareness about this cruelty. Tens of MILLIONS of dogs EVERY year suffer horrible conditions and then death to supply the dog meat trade. We believe there does not need to be a world where dogs are dinner. Please continue to get the word out.

Shut down South Korean dog meat farms
Add your name now. Help reach our target of 1,500,000 signatures. We respectfully ask that the Government of South Korea take all…

6 thoughts on “Please Shut Down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in GuangXi China

  1. Dog eating is really prevalent in South East Asia, even in places where it is illegal.

    People believe that their stressed meat (which means a tortuous death) is beneficial to their health. It is not an uncommon belief…even Europeans in the 18th and 19th Century engaged in bull baiting…allowing dogs to attack cattle to stress their meat before slaughter.

    All of these practices are, of course disgusting, and quite honestly primitive behavior.

    I have signed against the July Yulin Festival every year, but this and other dog meat festivals continue to flourish. It needs more people to see the awfulness of this practice.

    Still, I have signed again Opher, with the following comment:

    I do not eat any meat for I believe that humans who consume only plants, seeds and fruits, are healthier, kinder, more eco friendly and have much compassion for other animal species.

    To torture and stress animals, such as dogs is cruel and barbaric, the practice of primitive people who think such meat imparts some kind of healing magic. It does not, and only serves to make humans debased and without compassion.

    Please shut down the terrible dog breeding farms and stop festivals such as ‘Yulin’ from continuing to bring cruelty, and unhealthy meat into the lives of people. Society must become kinder. Hurting animals is no different to hurting people. It is a crime against nature.

    Even the true carnivore only preys on the weak, the lame and the old and dying. We are not carnivores, so we must not prey on anything.

  2. Some humans are barbaric, I think you know Oper how strongly I feel about ANY CRUELTY to Animals, whether it be here or China, I don’t care it must ENDS NOW and whatever means it takes to stop all this stomach churning cruelty than it must be done. I just wish we could do the same barbaric treatment to all those that make wonderful loving, loyal, gentle Dogs suffer. Those people should be forced NOT TO EAT MEAT. And, YES I signed and if I could do more I would. Take care and thanks. Reblogging.

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