In the new age – poem about automation

In the New Age

In the new age

When automation robs the need for work

We must devise a new way of operating.

No more the long, sapping hours

For we must create something better.


There will be no need for workers

Or their skills

When machines can do the toil

And mimic the skills

As finely as the most exquisite artisan.


It will be a time to share –

A time of great creativity.


For surely it is not right

That a minority

Should glean

The rewards

While the majority



We must learn to share the spoils more evenly

To reduce the load

So that none will be left behind.


For it is time for a new future –

To identify the needs

To teach, to care, to heal and provide

So that none are left behind.

Not this time.

This is the time.

We should all have the time.


Opher 1.2.2017


In the New Age

If only we could get it right for once. If only we could stop all the selfishness, greed, hatred and arrogance and learn to care, love and look after each other and the world.

If only the world was not ruled by arrogance, fear and ego.

If we could put aside the lust for power and wealth and treat everyone as equals; if only we looked after the planet.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone bought into that ideal. No war, no theft, no racism, sexism or inequality. No need for police, security at airports or armies. All that money and energy used to create a better world, to solve poverty and overpopulation and protect the natural world.

OK – we can but dream.

6 thoughts on “In the new age – poem about automation

  1. I hope someday we will live in a world like that filled with equality where security won’t be needed anymore and the rich will no longer control everything.

      1. I agree Opher, that is definitely a bit of an ask. Wherever there is criminal activity, there is security,
        Wherever there’s laws, there’s criminal activity to work around laws for an easy buck.
        With a lawless society, the bad can do what they want without any repercussion. So really, security, criminals and laws are in a perfect balance and can never be lived without.

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