Jack Kerouac day!!

Well I’ve had a number of days dedicated to some of my favourite Rock Stars – Roy Harper, Nick Harper, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. I thought it was time to branch out a little.

I plan on taking a long break from blogging shortly at the end of the month. In the two weeks that follow I will try to do a day recapping over a number of my greatest inspirations.

My life and philosophy has been influenced by a number of people. Some of them are poets, some writers, some politicians or social reformer, some philosophers and some singer/songwriters.

I discovered Jack Kerouac and Beat culture when I was in my teens and it had an enormous impact on me.

I was disillusioned with the life I saw mapped out for me. It seemed a long round of work, commuting, TV and chores that sapped the energy. It looked vacuous. I was young and full of energy. I wanted excitement, sex and fun. I was also searching around for some purpose to life and not seeing it in religion. My parents were pushing me towards qualifications that would lead to a good job, plenty of money and a comfortable life. I wasn’t interested in a comfortable life. It looked like death to me.

Then I discovered Jack Kerouac and it was like opening a door into a different world. Everything came together. Out there in that world the priorities weren’t a good career, polishing the car on Sunday before carving the roast and mowing the grass. There was a world of craziness, excitement and wildness where all that counted was the moment. It was full of crazy, careering journeys, hitching, driving at speed, risking death, with sex, Zen, poetry and loud crazy Jazz. It was al GO GO GO!!! It was about being up all night smoking pot and high on speed talking incessantly about life, god, poetry and any wild thing that came into your head. It was about living.

That was the life I wanted.

Jack Kerouac opened a door into a different way of looking at life. It’s a door that has never closed for me.

My life is not now full of that craziness and lust but it has certainly had its moments!

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