We are all just passing through.

We are all just passing through. That was brought home to me by our house moving.

We lived in our old house for thirty years. We put in our alterations and improvements, decorated and adorned, and then we left and moved on. I hope we left it better than it was.

Thirty years seems a long time but that house was three hundred years old. We bought it. We paid off the mortgage and owned it. Yet we did not really own it at all. We merely borrowed it for a tenth of its life. We were just passing through.

Somebody else is living in our old house. It is hard to imagine them there. It felt like our home.

Our new house is being made into a home. We have brought all our things with us. We have placed the furniture, put up the photos and pictures, put the books in the bookcases, and arranged our things around us. It has the same feel as our last house. We are comfortable here. There were problems to solve and much still requires work. Sometimes it feels like home and sometimes it feels like we are on holiday here. I’m sure that when I have sorted my room, brought my CDs, vinyl and books out of store and arranged my room, it will feel like home. We will make our improvements and alterations. I hope we will make it better than it was.

Looking ahead – one way or another we shall move on. The new house will remain. We were just passing through.

Human beings are recent. We have only been around 200,000 years. In that time we have spread out of Africa to colonise the whole world. We have increased our numbers to over 7 billion. There are so many of us that we are destroying the natural world at a rate of knots, sending thousands of species crashing to extinction and altering the climate of the planet.

Presently we occupy the planet. We seem invincible. It is an illusion. We are only passing through. Will we leave the planet better than it was?

13 thoughts on “We are all just passing through.

  1. I think the thing that struck me most from this post is what you said: I hope we left it better than it was. I think the same could be said about the people we meet in our lives. We hope that somehow we were able to leave them a better person in some small way than before we knew them… Works!

      1. My Dear Opher….I came to wish you a Merry ‘first’ Christmas in your new home. A new chapter and new memories . As for me, I’m smack dab in the middle of Christmas Eve chaos..lol

      2. Linda – it is good to hear from you. I wish you all the best for the new year. I hope the new year is kind to you! It is so hard and there is nothing any of us can do to help apart from saying you are in our thoughts. All the best to you Linda.

      3. Yup, it’s a daunting thought that someone else is now in your old gaff. I still feel that way about my parent’s house and my old place I had for 18 years, although it spent most of the time empty. That hadn’t been my original intention and had first let it out very cheap to my mum’s friend’s daughter – who with her friends practically wrecked everything. Lesson learned and an expensive one, too. Had to completely redecorate, replace all the carpets in 5 rooms, what had been 2 brand new double beds, 3-piece suite and the ceramic hob cooker. Never again.

        Trust you’re settled in a bit now in the new place and have a great time with visiting family.
        All the best.

      4. Cheers Andrew. It’s beginning to feel like home. But I’m sure it won’t feel right until I get my room sorted out.
        The kids find it strange. They grew up in that house and have an attachment. They find it weirder than us. It’s a strange to feeling to have your stuff around you but in different places and to wonder what someone is doing at the old place.
        Still – all the family together – which is great!
        All the best to you too – have a great Christmas!

    1. And Happy New Year to you Dave! Let’s hope it’s a great one! My books – Nick Harper and Neanderthal are beginning to take off! Maybe there’s a breakthrough? We’ll see.

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