Poetry – How can we agree? Democrat/Republican- Tory/Socialist

How can we agree?

There are a multitude of things that create divisions, and divisions create distrust and hatred. People become entrenched in the views they adhere to. Yet people are people. On their own they are mainly caring and compassionate, friendly and helpful. It is only when they collect into groups that reinforce those differences that the feelings become magnified, the crowd become rabid and we find we have made enemies out of different perspectives.

Emotions are the fuel that generates the heat. Talk is the only way to cool the flames. Talk is good. Exchange of ideas is good. Listening and understanding is good.

We may not agree but we are human, family, we can understand a different point of view, share our fears and dreams and tolerate the views that are different.

We do not need painful divisions. We need understanding. We need love and dialogue.

We need more poems!


How can we agree?


How can we possibly agree?

Me with you and you with me?

We live in universes far apart

That shapes our minds

Our thoughts and heart.

Yet reach and talk

Is the only way

To bring universes closer

Every day.


We will never agree

You and me

But we can still laugh

And set our minds free.


Opher 1.5.2016

25 thoughts on “Poetry – How can we agree? Democrat/Republican- Tory/Socialist

  1. “We may not agree but we are human, family, we can understand a different point of view, share our fears and dreams and tolerate the views that are different.” You’re assuming, of course, that everyone WANTS to agree! You know those folks you were talking about in your other poem about freedom? They might not! Then what do we do? 😦

    1. I don’t know. There are some awkward, belligerent people. My view is that we build an ethos, create a positive zeitgeist and counter the hate. Eventually love wins over aggression.

      1. Despite knocks along the way you have to have faith that the majority of people are kind, compassionate, helpful and friendly. They outnumber the greedy, cruel and vicious. My abiding hope lies in education. I have proved that if you set out to humanise young adults you can bring out the gentle side and even counter many of the effects of abuse and damage. Education is the answer – it can civilise!

      2. You know, I think that’s what I was trying to say in that Seeker post Temperance. I’m aiming that sucker at a “Christian” (and I use the term loosely because I figure I may be branded a heathen by the time I’m done) audience and I think perhaps I’m choosing my words too carefully — again, as I said about self-censoring. You articulated it much better.

    1. That’s right – a belligerent person is one who advocates war or is aggressive and incites violence. It’s the opposite of what I advocate. I like gentleness and harmony, peace and love.

      1. To write, explain, argue and state the truth; that is the fight – to speak out. To sign petitions, join with people, teach the children, and write the books. To stand up for what you believe and try to make the world a better place. That is the fight.

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