Poetry – Jewels in Eternity – a poem of wonder


Jewels in Eternity

I had this feeling that eternity was nothing more than endless darkness. Even the brightness of the big bang and the coming to life of the stars would be darkness if there were no eyes to witness it or no brains to appreciate the splendour.

In order for there to be light there has to be the consciousness with which to see or else the brightest light is still in darkness.

Consciousness evolved out of the slime over billions of years, just as it took tens of billions of years for the stars to emerge from the cosmic gas cloud.

The stars will shine and shed their light for hundreds of billions of years to come. Will there be eyes to see them? Or brains to glory in their majesty?

In the span of eternity maybe the life of a universe is a mere sentence, the life of a galaxy a brief flash, and the whole of human history a moment.

Perhaps there are multitudes of conscious beings scattered throughout the universe with senses to see and light up with joy.

I imagined those bursts of consciousness to be jewels that briefly shone within the darkness; each had its vain moment of glory and was gone.

Each of us a jewel in the darkness whose purpose is to shine.


Jewels in Eternity


Eternity is strewn with jewels

That twinkle briefly in the starlight

And then gone.


Each jewel a brief moment

That is full of life and hope

Then flickers out.


Yet better than the darkness,

Preferable to nothing at all,

For we have our moment.


For we are those jewels

So full of hope and love

That shine so briefly in the dark.


Each one of us so full of joy

That put the stars to shame

Through our dreaming.


We must shine with all our strength

For that brief moment

Is all we have.


And it is enough

To know

That we have shined too.


Opher 5.7.2016

25 thoughts on “Poetry – Jewels in Eternity – a poem of wonder

      1. You and I have to make a pact to stop taking pot shots at ourselves. I typed a comment on the gorilla pictures about myself that was quite unflattering and I had to stop before I hit send and ask myself why I’d done that. I deleted it. I’m going to get my whompin’ stick after you if I hear you put yourself down again!!! Hear me, bro???

      2. Oh yes – I’ve got a couple of those! That’d hurt!
        We’ve got a couple of didgeridoos too. I’m not sure Liz was impressed with her Christmas present. She has never mastered them!

      3. One of my favorite bands that always puts in an appearance at the Scottish Highland Festival and Games here in Utah is The Wicked Tinkers. They use one of them. (Pasting this in as plain text you can copy and paste if you’re interested. Well, if it will let me!)

      4. That is great! I don’t know how on earth they do that circular breathing thing. It is not humanly possible! They sound great – I’m not sure didgeridoos go with kilts? Love the bagpipes and dancing. Great stuff.

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