Five major ‘Design’ faults with the human body!


Because the human body is the result of billions of years of evolution through chance mutation and selection it is far from perfect. Given the opportunity to design a human from scratch there are glaring problems that need addressing. As a biologist these are blindingly obvious. The human being is far from perfect.

Here are five major problems that could be addressed with simple design:

  1. The single opening to the lungs and its opening into the mouth/digestive tract.

Many people choke to death because of a simple ‘design’ fault. Because the lungs developed out of a sac/swimbladder of a fish as a part of the digestive tract we are saddled with one single opening into the mouth which opens right next to our oesophagus. Consequently we can easily choke and often do.

Answer: – two or more separate openings into the lungs that are completely separate to the digestive system. If one becomes blocked it would not be fatal. There would be less likelihood of food or drink going down the wrong tube.

2. The opening of the reproductive system, excretory system and egestory systems in one place.

Because the whole egestory, excretory and excretory systems are designed to open into a common cloaca of a fish living in water, where there would not have been a hygiene problem, they still open in the same area now. Except that we have evolved to live on land and this close association of the three openings together creates hygiene problems. The vagina and uterus, with its adaptations for life on land, facilitates internal fertilisation and development of the embryo. Thus allows entry of bacteria and a fertile area for them to breed. The contamination of faecal bacteria causes infections of the urinary tract and reproductive system. The genitals are contaminated with both urine and faeces. A recipe for infection. Also not brilliant for sex!

Answer: separate the three opening so that urine is not voided through the vulva and faeces are not ejected right next to the vagina.

3. the neck and brain.

Because of cephalisation the brain and senses organs are grouped at the front. With the increased size of the brain it has become more delicate and we now find it encased in protective bone on the end of a flexible neck. As we lead with our head our brain is vulnerable and the neck is extremely open to damage. We suffer concussion, brain injuries, broken necks and paraplegia.

Answer: house the brain in the centre of the chest where it would be better protected and also closer to the heart to ensure a great blood supply (oxygen and nutrients). There would be no need for a protective skull and no neck to break. The senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, could still be congregated at the front.

4. The testes on the outside of the body.

As any man knows the most painful experience a man can have (85.6X childbirth) is to have a severely blow to the testes. It is mind-blowingly, paralysingly, agony. Yet there they are – an easy target and major weakness when fighting, hunting or participating in a domestic. They invite a good kick. The reason they are there is because sperm production is better at a temperature below body temperature.

Answer: make sperm production best at body temperature and put them where women keep there’s – inside the abdominal cavity!

5. The vertebral column

The vertebral column is the wrong shape. It has evolved for walking on all fours (as with chimps and gorillas) and has not yet evolved to suit bipedal ambulation. Consequently people are plagued with back ache and major problems caused by curvature of the spine. It cripples millions of people.

Answer: adapted the shape of the spine so that the weight bearing problems associated with bipedal locomotion do not cause the pressures, strains and structural decay we currently find.

I could go on through a list of other problems associated with our imperfect bodies – biochemically, with tissues and organs and structurally (feet, hip joints, knees, appendices, placques, deleterious genes…….). If we were made in god’s image or created then there has been a major cock-up somewhere down the line.

The human body functions but is far from perfect. A day spent in a design centre could come up with a far superior model that would not suffer with this range of problems.

Food for thought.

7 thoughts on “Five major ‘Design’ faults with the human body!

  1. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Great post, however it is only relevant if you believe in evolution, for many of us there is the belief that man and woman were created by GOD in his own image. I know science as proved this incorrect, but for those that believe it is their truth.

    In time the changes you mention may occur by further evolution, but then will there be others for the world is for ever changing.

    1. Well if God created a body fraught with such enormous faults – the question is why? Why is it so poorly designed? In his own image – is God a severely malformed creature?
      You say that science found it incorrect but creation is the truth? That is a bit of double-think to me.
      Perhaps there are less literal interpretations of the bible?
      As for change in the future – evolution is a mechanism to promote change in response to the changing environment – but it is only as a result of random chance and selection over extremely long (unimaginable by humans) periods of time. If creatures survive to breed and bring up their children to breed then they have fulfilled their purpose. This is why humans are so fraught with the things you write about – autism, cancers, genetic defects. If they were created then surely these defects would not be genetically and biochemically built in?
      It is doubtful that humans will be around long enough to breed – despite our intelligence we are making a real mess of things. A virus will likely end our period of wanton destruction.
      Thanks for commenting and thanks for the reblog.

      1. Why are you apologizing! I love your posts where you just let your mind go where it wants. You write stories so well, your anecdotes are always spot on, but your mind is SO much more than that.

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